Saturday, December 27, 2008

World Marvels at Israeli Restraint

Not reported in most of the world’s major media outlets is Saturday’s reaction throughout the internet of Israel’s response to several hundred rocket attacks by the terrorist group Hamas.

"I never realized how many "educated people" both in the US and around the world have no clue about Israel and think only the worst about the Jews in the Middle East."

"Where were Egypt, Russia, OIC, EU, Britain, Sarkozy, US & Austria when Hamas was pounding Israel with daily barrage of rockets?"

"Most people around the world are supporting the Israeli government for protecting their citizens against the deadly terrorist organization Hamas and their rockets."

"As long as Israel's democracy and protection of its people are intact, it will always be a nation that epitomizes a great civilization."

"because the Jews of Israel are no longer behaving like dhimmis, unresponsively cowering beneath the threats and blows of the arrogant swaggering snarling Muslim supremacists, but are...oh, shock! horrors! - HITTING BACK AND DEFENDING THEMSELVES, as do free human beings."

"The pretense that everyone wants peace is belied by the words of the Hamas leadership in Gaza."

" ‘U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an "immediate halt to all violence.’
Did I miss this plea when Hamas was firing rockets into Isreal the other day? Must have missed that story."

"Had Islamic terrorists such as Hamas attacked any other country or state over the last two months (214 rockets), the action would not have been as restrained or delayed."

Update 12/29 Israeli War Primer

Friday, December 26, 2008

Saudi Arabia: New Labor Law does not ban Gender Mixing in the Workplace, Instead it Bans Gender Mixing in the Workplace. Details:

A Saudi Arabian labor minister denied (story has been removed from Arab News service) that the new labor law bans the mixing of genders in the workplace. Instead it allows women to work in sales jobs in all women's only stores where naturally men are banned. So to not be confused, no Saudi Arabia is not allowing men and women to mix.

In an unrelated story, Saudi Arabia has recently ask the nations of the world to ban together to fight terrorism. In my very humble opinion, getting to the root cause of terrorism, the Islamic teachings of jihad and supremacy will most certainly not headline the minister's "things to do list." But lets dance around with the story anyhow. Remembering Sandra Mackey's book, The Saudis, (often and incorrectly viewed as outdated) I could conclude these type of gestures are more often than not followed by little action. However the Saudis are not chasing their collective tail either and now at this stage have more to lose than to gain. Can they stop a movement that in a sense they began? But the real issue is not terrorism. For them isn't it what is or is not beneficial for Islam? For free people, not under the yoke of the teachings and life of a false "prophet", isn't the issue really a question of continuing freedom of thought, speech and belief? Isn't that a much more important consideration than whether or not the Saudis can help stamp out Islamic terrorism?

Saudi Court: 8 Year Old Married Girl too Young to Divorce 12/21/08

Saturday, December 6, 2008

University Of Minnesota Extension Advises Minnesotan Muslims to Buy Only From Halal Meat Shops.

And what about those who have come to the USA fleeing Islamic rule, culture and Sharia Law?

The University of Minnesota Extension's attitude?

Wafa Sultan, an immigrant from Syria worries that the oppression she had escaped is now following her to America.

Much of the advice the Extension given to newly arrived and established Somali immigrants is typical advice identical to what they distribute to English speaking Americans: Eat less sugar, exercise, tips on childcare, oral hygiene. But the Extension also informs citizens that the Koran only permits the eating of halal meat and meat should only be purchased from halal meat shops. Isn't it then easy to conclude that the shops must be Muslim owned? if not.

In the Somali language the extension recommends:

Balse, isku taxaluji in aad hilibkaaga ka soo iibsatid Xalaal Meet. Xataa hadaad dukaanka wayn cunada qaar ka soo iibsatid. (Even if you shop at large stores for some food, try to buy all meat from a Halal meat store.)

I am certain Minnesota farmers, food producers and retailers who are paying to have this advice distributed would not approve the use of their taxes to steer people away from their products or by innuendo suggest their products are inferior. I doubt few would support the use of their tax money to spread Mohammad's dictates through the Extension System.

So I would suggest to the University of Minnesota Extension stop making thiesereferences to the Koran and suggestions to people to only eat hatal meat and only buy from hatal shops or 1.) reference this advice with scientific studies or 2.) include views of other religions such as this.

Understand that many new immigrants no longer want to continue to be oppressed by Islamic law, as now propagated by the University of Minnesota.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Raiders of Bombay

As many people are trying to put a name on the terrorist who attacked in Mumbai, in many communities there seems little confusion. India had been subjected to Islamic raids prior to India's conquest in the 12th Century by Islam. In 1947 East and West Pakistan were formed out of India. Moslims predominate Pakistan (13% Hindu) and Hindus in India (13% Moslim) as it is now. East Pakistan is now Bangladesh, West Pakistan is now Pakistan. The raids continue as established in the Koran by Mohammad. Call it what you will, call it separatists, call it Al Qaeda, call it a "previously unknown group", it’s a continuation of Islam’s often and historically thwarted attempt at dominance.

Inspired by the false words of Mohammad, Aurangzeb, who called himself Alamgir I (Conqueror of the Universe) was perhaps one the greatest Islamic villains in India's history. He savaged India for 48 years. He imposed Sharia law within India, initiated laws which interfered with non-Muslim worship, taxed non-Muslims for protection, destroyed temples and works of art and forbade rebuilding of those temples and waged a continuous war of misery. On his death bed, according to Stanley Wolpert who wrote A New History of India,ISBN-10: 0195337565 2003 Edition, the aged thug confessed while dying in 1707 "I came alone and I go as a stranger. I do not know who I am, nor what I have been doing, I have sinned terribly, and I do not know what punishment awaits me." He died acknowledging Mohammad's lies.

As always Dr. Bill Warner has a clear commentary titled "Never Again, or Again and Again"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dr. Bill Warner Explains "House Negro" Insult

Earlier this week, Al-Qaida's Ayman al-Zawahri's insult of our President elect was reported throughout the media. I first heard it on CNN from the anchor/reporter John Roberts . But what struck me was CNN's confusion and admitted perplexion as to why Al-Qaida would take such action. Here is Dr. Bill Warner's simple expanation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Questioning Islam is not Anti-Muslim Hatred

Since not much time has passed since the hijackers came to the USA, pretending to be students, pretending to be peaceful, seekers of prosperity, when in fact they came to destroy and kill people in the name of Allah and Islam, how can someone not understand how many Americans will always feel betrayed and distrustful?

One caller on a PBS radio show tonight made a good point about Pat Robertson’s candidacy, voters wanted to know his religious views and how they would effect his presidency, the media was relentless. I remember similar questions about Kennedy’s Catholicism, Nixon’s Quaker upbringing, Jim Carter, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Romney, Obama. Questioning candidates’ religious beliefs (or lack there of) is traditional and perhaps a duty. Since Islam is in most of the world where it is practiced, a religious, social and political system and not just a religion, it is legitimate to question and criticize its traditions, history and teachings. This is often misinterpreted as being anti-muslim hatred, it is not.

I don't personally know a single person who has said they hate Muslims and I would not have anything to do with a person who practices this. I know many, many people who question the teachings of Islam, who criticize the traditions and biases practiced in predominately Islamic countries, who critically analyze the teachings of the Koran and Muhammad, who may show the ugly side of historical Islam. It is analysis and questioning, but it is not anti-muslim hatred. Hatred against a person is simply wrong.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The "Good America" was in the Room

Daoud Hiri, an African now living in Maryland, was a translator in Darfur, Sudan. In his book he describes his trial in Sudan together with a network correspondent who was accused of spying. When he saw the faces and expressions of the US military officers sitting in the back of the court, he said he felt a sense of relief knowing that justice was at least now POSSIBLE knowing that the "good America" had entered the room.

The "good America" is our ideals that we try to practice, fight to maintain, teach our kids. A small group of thoughtful, committed people created America and I DO NOT DOUBT the influence a small, thoughtful, committed group can have now in its preservation.

Earlier this year in South America on a coastal road in a residential area, my friend and I were stopped by a military squad. These soldiers were muscular, fierce looking, heavily armed with automatic weapons and angrily searching for a fleeing murderer. My friend from this South American country was trembling. Nine years earlier we had been together in a major South American city with personal business at the American consulate. I should have gained understanding of what that trembling was about from that time. As we were leaving the consulate at noon, the commotion began, gun shots, something was going on but in the crowd and confusion, who could tell. That night it was the major news story. An off duty security guard was approached by the military police outside a bank across from the consulate. He pulled out a pistol and shooting began in the crowded noon hour streets. The guard had been acting suspicious and apparently was planning to rob this bank. He hijacked of all things a car being driven by a public defender, upon crashing American consulate guards subdued him. My friend was a native and knew how the military would ignore innocent civilians in their pursuits. So here we were being searched by angry looking commando types and my friend can hardly function. Several months earlier back in the United States, late one evening, looked out the window and she saw local police running through the side of my yard. She turned to me, her face flushed of color, she collapsed over backwards. The sound of her body and head contacting the ceramic floor shocked me and I wasn't sure if she was unconscious from fainting or from the fall. I called an ambulance 9-1-1 and since the police were obviously in the area, they were at my door within 30 seconds. The initial event was a situation that many of us, living in the Daoud Hari's good America would not have given much thought to. The officers explained they were chasing some kid who stole a motor cycle. He had abandoned it and was running through the neighborhood, the police just happened to tackle him outside my window and my foreign friend just happened to be looking out of the window at the time. So here we are back to the squad of military commandos. I'm in a foreign country and reading the situation like I'm back in the good America because good America is within me, it is part of me, its my history, and having been raised poor, I've been given the opportunity to raise myself from those beginnings. It really is not that difficult to accomplish in America as much as I'd like to credit this to my own efforts. So at the checkpoint, my friend knows we are not in good America but in her country and she knows when you are stopped by the police or police come into your home or the military start shooting at a criminal, the results could just as well be deadly.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anti-Constitutional Forces Instruct the US Treasury

Yesterday the Treasury Department sponsored an introductory class for various government workers called Islamic Financing 101, (Seen by many as the introduction of Shariah Law to America and a first step toward replacing the US Constitution with Shariah Law). According to a news conference yesterday held by the Coalition to Stop Shariah, the class was taught by those interested in promoting Shariah financing without explaining to these government workers the undesirable aspects, content and insidiousness of Shariah law and its unfair and unequal treatment of various groups of people.

Shariah Law establishes an all encompassing governmental system that controls all aspects of a person's life, establishes permanent leadership and control to only people who hold to Islamic beliefs and removes any other constitutional protection from those who do not. It also establishes corporal punishments such as stoning, cutting off of limbs for crimes of theft and capital punishment for any members who change their personal belief systems.

More details of this conference can be found here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From a Free and Democratic Europe

A group who claim to be living in Europe has drafted a Mandatory 190 Articles of Islamic Supremacy which they wishfully promote as a replacement to all forms and systems of government, all forms of self-determination, at every level, including the total domination of every individual on earth. They exclusively base these 190 articles on the words and traditions of a well known 7th century caravan raider believed by many non-supporters of these Supremacist Articles, to have been afflicted with many grievous mental and physical disorders. It is not my place to help these fascist lunatics spread their 'idea' but understand that many intelligent and misguided supporters are doing their utmost best to change your form of government and eliminate your God-Given rights and personal freedom. As the underlying political movement of Islam is continuously analyzed by a growing number of non-supporters, awareness of the totalitarian tendencies of the movement's long deceased sole founder and hence his followers is established in our collective consciousness. This group has broken with Islamic tradition and commands of the 7th century records they call the Koran, and claim the Mandatory Articles will only be established by non-violence.

Historical records show what has happened to each and every world supremest movement over time. Where else but in Europe can a group of free misguided malcontents plan the demise of the very system that supports their every need and security? Not only do they owe their lives to those traditions and institutions, this peculiar group has the luxury of comfort and time to cobble together and promote an inferior system.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Your Turn

It is not a habit of mine, but perhaps I should re-evaluate that behaviour, of recommending books to people. But I have read Islam's version(s) of just who Christ is, a failed muslim prophet at best. To us Christians, he is the Son of God, sent as our saviour. As a child I thought about that saying over and over, that Christ died for our sins and it made no sense to me whatever. I would think of this man dying from crucifixion and think of that saying, nope, nothing there. But as I crossed the threshold into adulthood, I then understood my condition and my non-relationship with God, at that point I understood.

But I believe others can express this better than I can. Christians are encourage to examine their faith. But Lee Strobel was the Legal Editor of the Chicago Tribune, not a biased Christian when he decide to take on the role of a prosecutor and as an atheist, began an effort to compiling a case against Christ. He ended up naming his book, A Case for Christ.

I encourage Muslims, atheists, Christians and others to read it but if you do not have time, here is a website that outlines what he had discovered and why he ended up with a totally unexpected conclusion.

I realise a Muslim is not allowed to examine their faith, for those that believe in God, not the god called Allah who is at best a combination of things called God within the range of Muhammad's knowledge and Muhammad's conscious and unconscious imagination , it is evidence of the Islam's weakness and perhaps the most prominent reason for its inevitable demise.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Simple Message to Students, America's Most Important Generation

Be aware of the of powers that be and what you are being taught by them at colleges and universities. Temporarily we have the wealth we had traded for middle eastern oil returning to us from Saudi Arabia and other countries. Be aware of the influences the Saudis have bought or are trying to buy in academia and government. Question and compare the type of Islam you are being taught with the actual practiced Islam presently and historically in countries such as Saudi Arabia. Understand how Islam changes over time in its host countries/cultures. But don't accept their answers and don't expect to be taught those differences by the same power and influence that wishes you to believe there is no difference. Look to ex-Muslims, Anti-Jihadists, persecuted religions, independent historical scholars and your own faith, traditions and beliefs for guidance. Historically, it may well be that your generation will be the first to fight for freedom and survival against a foreign power with an alien ideology in our own land. It may well be that your generation is the most important generation in American history.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Strange Effort Toward Oneness

Predictably and obviously the practice of multiculturalism is failing and will continue to fail. The Saudi's initiative to find common ground between religions is planned for the United States November 13th. As the Bible says, 'you believe in one God, great, so do demons and they tremble' , if attendees can all agree on that from the onset, the conference could be concluded within a few minutes. Somehow when I hear the Saudis promoting an Interfaith conference, I feel like that I have been told, 'see we are alot like you other than the fact we are nuts'. Other Islamic groups and individuals within the United States continue chiming in . One example (and many can be cited) is a recent Muslim Student Association sponsored speaker that parted to uninitiated students at Ball University the now very popular lukewarm view, the Saudi sponsered Islam Lite. This introductory product offer may (and will) be withdrawn soon. These thought(less) fests appear to admit multiculturism's failure so lets move on to another equally ridiculous idea, the culture of the bland. But really, what is the Saudi's purpose in this, to find common ground with infidels? Nothing has changed in 1400 years.

Saudi Arabia should first, without concessions offer an immediate timeline to opening up its Kingdom to Christianity, missionary work and Christian ideas, permit and encourage objective and open inquiry of the Koran and the life and personality of Mohammad, permit the Bible to distributed in the Kingdom, denounce the doctrine of Islamic supremacy, drop
anti-Semitism and then propose a conference, within the United States, to find common ground in religion. Perhaps then they can be taken seriously. Until then regarding any ridiculous conferences, just who are you trying to bullshit?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Somali Christian Executed at His Wedding for Breaking Islamic Law

Murders of course are common and occur everyday but people, especially Christians should continually be aware of these events and the reasons behind such crimes and how such incidents are just small pixels in a larger picture.

Muslims should be asked to continually repudiate the Koranic verses, Hadiths and any and all references and commands of these type of crimes whether encouraged or justified by Sharia Law within their Islamic political system so as not to “cause terror in the hearts “ of people as commanded and shown by the deeds of Mohammad and his generations of followers.

More Details

Monday, October 20, 2008

Quite a Busy Day for Islamic Jihadist and their Friends

Hell's calling was answered today with the murder of Gayle Williams in Afghanistan because (according to the killers) she was teaching Christianity, you know "Love you enemies", "Do unto others as you would have them do to you", "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son" for us. The Serve Afghanistan organization which this young woman worked with denied she was proselytizing. As such an act, (by anyone other than a Mohammadite) is against Islamic law.

The fact that this Christian was in Afghanistan to compassionately help disabled people is in itself teaching Christianity and I do not doubt that many, many Afghans were taught by her actions. The Children of God can not help but shine! Compassion, the message of Christ is the force of God.

The proselytizing of another ideology is Islam's worst nightmare. Islam can not maintain control when Mohammad's imaginary mate is exposed. Why is Islam so fearful? I'm not asking this question to provoke cult members. I'm asking myself, why so much fear? God has already taken care of our requirements through His compassion. Why the fear?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Call for Islamic Moderation

Recently Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, in an answer to the question, what exactly is required to be considered a moderate Muslim? produced a thoughtful answer.

Here are 10 simple suggestions of action he listed that I believe all Americans would (or should) find quite reasonable:

1. Acknowledge the existence of and repudiate the traditional Islamic imperative, taught by all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence that Muslims recognize as orthodox, to impose Islamic law upon non-Muslims, whether by force or by stealth.

2. Renounce any intention, now or in the future, to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law.

3. Clarify, and call upon other Muslims in America to clarify, what is meant by the words "terrorism" and innocent" in Muslim condemnations of terrorism, so that it is clear that what is being condemned is the murder of American and other non-combatants by Muslims acting in the name of Islamic jihad.

4. Repudiate the idea that Muslims have a divine mandate to force, when possible, Jews, Christians, and other "People of the Book" to pay a special religion-based tax from which Muslims are exempt (Qur'an 9:29).

5. Call upon Muslims in America to institute comprehensive, honest, and transparent programs in mosques and Islamic schools, teaching the virtues of the non-establishment of religion, and teaching directly against Islamic supremacism and the idea that Muslims must fight against Jews and Christians until they "feel themselves subdued" (Qur'an 9:29).

6. Call upon Muslims in America to institute comprehensive, honest, and transparent programs in mosques and Islamic schools, teaching against honor killing, and against the idea -- which is enshrined in Islamic law -- that a parent faces no penalty for killing his or her own child (see 'Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2).

7. Call upon Muslims worldwide, including in Saudi Arabia, to end all institutionalized discrimination against and harassment of non-Muslims, and to allow churches and other houses of worship to be built in majority-Muslim countries with an ease comparable to that with which mosques are currently built in Western countries.

8. Repudiate the idea that a Muslim who renounces Islam and adopts any other faith or no faith at all should be killed -- as is the teaching of Muhammad and all the schools of Islamic jurisprudence -- and call upon Muslim groups in America to teach the freedom of conscience as a God-given right in American mosques and Islamic schools.

9. Call upon Muslims in America and worldwide to drop the traditional and authoritative Islamic prohibition of marriage between non-Muslim men and Muslim women, and to repudiate and teach against the idea of divinely sanctioned wife-beating (Qur'an 4:34).

10. Condemn Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist organizations, and the Islamic Republic of Iran for its continuing the barbaric practice of stoning people to death. Call upon Muslim groups to teach against stoning as a punishment for adultery or anything else in American mosques and Islamic schools.

It is the responsibility of ALL Americans, not just Muslim Americans to begin the continuous implementation of these simple, reasonable suggested actions now.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Opinion of BNP

At this time, the British National Party BNP represents Britain's best political hope to stop the Islamification of Great Britain. Attempts to marginalize, vilify, politically correctify this party by labeling it as racist has been ineffective because the British people have no other organized political movement that takes an aggressive stance in reversing the reportedly and often misstated idea that the Islamification of Great Britain is inevitable. The BNP request support from native Brits or others of original European stock only as they say but makes no claim to racial superiority, just a claim to being different, culturally, ancestrally, historically and ask why that request can not that be accepted? They ask people outside the native stock to limit their support by saying please do not support! Voiceless within other political parties, what choice do the British have? The destruction of their culture and heritage is not negotiable. Read their forums and posts, there is rarely anything different posted in these forums that is not posted in any American anti-jihadist site except the underlying and more so overlying belief in most forums that Great Britain is lost and Islamification is their destiny. There lies the difference, this is not accepted by British patriots and certainly not the BNP. I don't find them using the ridiculous and archaic term clash of civilization, but instead civil war. If anything many Brits believe civil war is their countries' destiny, not Islamification, if the political process fails. This is certainly a swelling sentiment in British society well outside the BNP. With all other political parties pandering for the immigrant vote, ignoring and suppressing the anti-elitist sentiments, how can there be a sustainable political effort to stop Islamification? If nothing else, the BNP's continued growth will turn the other political parties around, compel them listen, make them compete for BNP voters and supporters, which may end Britain's cultural and historical suffication.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sharia Law and the Heartland

Last week was an interesting test in Nebraska. Swift (meat processors) plant managers had hired a few hundred Somali refugees and these employees then demanded special privileges to celebrate ramadan (a month of fasting). When management refused, workers walked out and management fired them. Well CAIR then became involved as always. This group has proven ties to the muslim brotherhood (and other subversive groups) and those members (of the brotherhood who were for example responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat in Egypt after he made peace with Israel) established a charter in 1991 to infiltrate the US culture with the ultimate goal of replacing our constitution with Sharia law. So under pressure the Swift management capitulated and gave into to the workers demands, they would be able to take extra prayer breaks and end their shift early ( a little after sunset) but that meant the other employees not practicing ramadan would need to have their hours cut also and if they wanted to make up the time, they would have to come in on Saturdays. This is an example of the doctrine of supremacy and is the method Islamist are using in their attempt to dominate Europe. The other employees then protested as they were now made to suffer to accommodate the Somalis. So management then said, no to the Somalis, it is not working, just come to work on your normal shift or be fired and they ended up firing at least 100 Somalis. Some had been fainting on the job because they were required not to eat during the day light hours for a month. Now we will see what Cair's next move will be and again if the managers who may or may not be clueless of Islamic doctrine, are forced to cave in again to the Somali demands.

Tom Tancedo from Colorado introduced legislation last week that calls for deportation of anyone coming here and supporting the implementation of Sharia law (as I said really would mean eliminating our constitution) after he received news of Great Britain's forced decision. At least write or call your congressman to consider supporting this legislation. An MD named Andrew Bostom wrote an excellent book called The Legacy of Jihad and please ask your congressman to read or to have one of your rep's assistants to read this and give a briefing, it would at least partially get your rep up to speed. In that book Sharia law is printed out so when many people read it they may initially be completely shocked and in denial. Its more than just stoning people and cutting off limbs of petty criminals, it details a complete system of supremacy over other cultures and it has been and continues to be practiced in large sections of the world for the last 1400 years. Few people even know that countries such as Egypt and Iraq were at one time Christian countries, just like Great Britain once was but those cultures disappeared once Sharia law was established.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Filip Dewinter Speech at the Oriana Fallaci Memorial

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank Armando Manocchio, the president of Una Via per Oriana, for giving me the honour of addressing the speech about the issue of “Islamophobia and freedom of speech”. It’s a good thing that the organisation Una Via per Oriana strives to keep the remembrance of Oriana Fallaci vivid; and thus continues to resist the politically correct dictatorship that wishes to restrict the freedom of speech. The political legacy of Oriana Fallaci exists in that we should not submit ourselves to those who — with multiculturalism and anti-racism as dummy-arguments — bring Islam in our society as a Trojan horse, and even feed it.Ladies and gentlemen,Oriana Fallaci was driven by a mission, her mission consisted in prosecuting the cowardice of Western and European politicians, and in breaching the European policy of consensus. After the 9/11-attacks Oriana Fallaci tried with her sharp writings to open the eyes of the European intellectual, political, and social elite that had been collectively hummed asleep by the leftist multicultural discourse. This multiculturalism has undermined the combativeness of our European, Western society; it has hollowed the fundaments and freedoms of our civilisation; and it has affected democracy and freedom of speech. The ideology of multiculturalism has grown into a kind of new religion with the equality and equivalence of cultures as first dogma. The simple fact that we are no longer allowed to consider our own European civilisation as superior, generates an “away-with-us” mentality. “Away-with-us”… indeed. Multiculturalism aggrieves Europeans with an excessive guilt complex about the West — with its history of colonialism, racism and Jew-slaughter — being the source of all evil. According to these multiculturalists we can liberate ourselves from this ‘original sin’ by throwing open the gates of Europe and the West for all kind of third-world peoples. This dangerous and disastrous “one-world” ideology puts on sale all of what we in the West stand for. In the meantime, we have to share our prosperity with tens of millions of third-world immigrants — of whom a majority has hardly contributed to our economy or social security — that are as parasites on our system of social security and take advantage of social acquirements of the European welfare state. Mass immigration has now become the Trojan horse of a religion and social ideology that is Europe’s historical original enemy: Islam.- - - - - - - - -Ladies and gentlemen,“Wake up, Occident, wake up! They declared war on us, and war is what they’ve got. We have to hang tough!”. This wake-up call from Oriana Fallaci sounds more urgent than ever. Radical Islam has indeed declared war on us. Not today, not yesterday, but approximately one thousand four hundred years ago. The terrorist attacks on New York on 9/11, on Madrid on 3/11 (2004) and on London on 7/7 (2005) are merely a sad climax, a battle in a fourteen centuries-long ongoing and continuing war. Islam is in war with Europe and the free West. Islam only executes what’s written in Quran, and follows Mohammed’s example. Mohammed was not a prophet, but a warlord who overcame and silenced his enemies with violence, weapons, and spilled blood. The Quran is a “license to kill” with unconcealed calls for waging war on dhimmis, the non-Muslims. Islam doesn’t allow for the slightest space for interpretation of the Quran, a book written fourteen hundred years ago. The Quran is to be applied by Muslims in a literal sense, because it’s the word of Allah, and no doubts can be raised against these words. This leads to Islam being a medieval religion colliding with Enlightenment, Modernism and Humanism so typically for nowadays in Europe.Ladies and gentlemen,Don’t be misled, there’s no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’. I give you a recent quote from the Turkish premier Erdogan: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” Let’s cut the crap, Islam is bound for world dominance. Islam is an imperialist religion which forces their rights with violence. It’s an historical evidence that Europe is the first and most important enemy of Islam. For almost fourteen centuries Europe is resisting the Islamisation of its continent. The first Islamic invasion of Europe was halted at Poitiers in 732 A.D. The second Islamic invasion was stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683.The matter is now to halt the currently ongoing third Islamic invasion, and to push Islam back to where it belongs: the other side of the Mediterranean. Radical Islam is nowadays fighting with other means than before: The scimitar has been replaced by the terrorists’ bomb, but apart from that little has changed. The only fundamental change is that Europe no longer dares to resist Islamic aggression and we tend to behave more and more as dhimmis.Ladies and gentlemen,Islam does not belong in Europe, not yesterday, neither today, and certainly not tomorrow. Islam is diametrically opposed to our European morals and values. Islam is but the way much more than a religion, it is in fact a political ideology, a social order and a jurisdictional system. Islam is a political ideology, a social order and a jurisdictional system that has undergone hardly any change since Medieval times. To tolerate, acknowledge and fund Islam in Europe, is to throw away all European acquirements and freedoms, and return to the darkest days of Middle Ages. There are many ways in which the ongoing Islamisation of Europe reveals itself. Not only do we have to give in on fundamental principles of European society, but we are also confronted with a demographic time bomb. It was the Algerian president Boumédienne who said: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give 3 us victory.” Indeed, Europe nowadays counts up to 50 million Muslims while only 50.000 lived here a century ago. Islam has grown to be the second largest religion in Europe and in twenty years cities, for example Marseilles, Malmö, Brussels, and Birmingham, will know a majority of Muslim inhabitants. Muslim women on average give birth to 3 to 4 children, whereas native European women barely reach an average of one point thirty seven children. The power of the numbers is in advantage of Islam. The European population is aware of this, and is able to observe it on daily basis. Europeans have had enough of burqas, of chadors, of hijabs and kaftans, Europeans have had enough of the “ritual” slaughter of animals, of the boundless popping up of mosques, Quran schools, and minarets, of the Arab and Turkish writings on bus and tram, enough of halal food at the butchers and stores, of the never ending flow of sighs and demands made by Islam in behalf of “multicultural tolerance” and so called “freedom of religion”. If we want to save Europe, than we will have to push back the Islamisation and end the green fascism of radical, totalitarian Islam!Ladies and gentlemen,If one would ask me if I’m xenophobic, than I answer: no, I do not object immigrants under condition that they behave, adapt and submit to our morals and values. If one would ask me if I’m Islamophobic, than I firmly answer: “yes” since I’m worried by Islam. The biggest mistake we can make in Europe is to picture Islam — for reasons of political correctness — as a religion of peace and tolerance. Islam is indeed a religion of peace and tolerance, but unfortunately only for those Muslims who are willing to submit to Allah’s will as written down in the Quran. For dhimmis — the unbelievers — Islam is a religion of hatred, of violence and intolerance. Islamophobia is not merely a phenomena of unparalleled fear, but it is the duty of every one who wants to safeguard Europe’s future. Europe means Rome, Greece, the Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian roots. Europe is a continent of castles and cathedrals, not of mosques and minarets. Oriana Fallaci showed us the way in her books Rage and Pride and The Force of Reason. Therefore I wish to conclude by quoting her in The Force of Reason:

Islam is like a pool, and a pool is a puddle of water standing still. Water that does not flow away, does not move, and thereby is never purified. The West is like a river nourishing life. It’s like water that flows on, that’s purified and renewed in its course, that absorbs other water and finally reaches the vast sea. Thanks to the force of reason we’ll eventually prevail. But hence we must continuously renew, continuously absorb other water and prevent any dam against he flow of the water current.

From EuropeNews Filip Dewinter Oriana Fallaci Memorial Vlaams Belang Party

Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Have Not Chosen Me, I have Chosen You.

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (From the Gospel of John.)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Europe is Starting to Fight Back

Stop the Islamisation of Europe

This group is growing and September 12th had a "No Sharia Here" demonstration.

Stop the Cologne Mosque These 1500 brave souls are expected to meet 40000 opponents.

Some Europeans have called for a September 12th Celebration: Muslims were defeated in 1683 in the Battle of Vienna, sparing Europe from Islamic rule. "The UN must not give in to Islamic criticism."

Europeans understanding more from the scrutiny of ex-muslims.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More than one writer in Europe has stated (uncritically): This is Britain not America

What is called radical Islam, violence or through peaceful, stealth jihad? The result is the same. I think many of us watch the events in Britain wondering what are we in for here in the near future. This week in a US meat processing plant 150 employees walked off their jobs demanding certain privileges for Ramadan. The employer said absolutely not, if someone wants to stay home and pray rather than come to work fine but no work concessions. It was reported they vandalized the parking lot a bit but then returned to work. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled against a cab driver who wanted to be exempt from picking up passengers who were carrying alcohol. The cabbie lost, he still could refuse to pick up certain passengers I imagine but was not exempt from the fine. Still a few of our public institutions at times are more accommodating especially in the area of segregation, what some call a return to the old Jim Crow laws as when blacks and whites had separate facilities. I don't believe the USA will bring back the Jim Crow Laws to accommodate any group.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Love Your Enemies

As a Christian, I find no contradiction in loving your enemy and exposing (destroying) Islam. Islam falls apart under criticism. The term islamophobia was designed to stop all criticism and is used to label critics as racist, this is also illogical. It is a not a wasted effort to love your enemy by destroying the ‘thing’ that makes him your enemy.

Loving your enemy doesn’t mean tolerating the fact it wants to destroy you and it doesn’t mean, being nice. Christ never told anyone that, he said to be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents. A poisonous snake’s bite is designed to paralyze and kill. My attacks against Mohammad’s insanity, humanities’ most idiotic ideology may be vicious but Christian. Doing good to an enemy doesn’t come with a toleration of beliefs in the capricious ramblings of a very disturbed cult leader. Love your enemy, expose it’s stupidity, backwardness, injustice and it’s ridiculous founder. Christians, know your enemy first, love & help your enemy, expose Islam.

New to the subject? Click Here

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Islam's Role in Black Slavery Past and Present

One of the best if not the best historical narrations of slavery.

Take a look at this video

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

"In my opinion, old men who want to marry girls at the age of their granddaughters are mentally sick and need psychological treatment," Nourah al-Khereiji, a columnist in the English language daily, Arab News, wrote at the weekend.

(This comment was made regarding a court case in Saudi Arabia preparing to hear a plea for divorce from an eight-year-old girl whose husband is a half a century older.)

It is possible if Mohammad would have been afforded such treatment in the 7th century perhaps today these older men would be thinking of adoption not sexual relations with young children.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taqiyyah: I'll have mine with lettuce and tomatoes

I find even the definition of taqiyyah as 'holy deception' an insult to civilization, religion and simple human intelligence. If you are not familiar with this tactic, it is basically a Koranic sanction to lie in order to gain domination. For a basic basic understanding, read any book by Robert Spencer, Ali Sina, Andrew Bostom, or one of the many anti-jihadist blogs, like most of Mohammad's ideas, the concept is not complex. But the meaning 'holy deception' can cause confusion so I prefer both the western pronunciation of taqiyyah as 'taco yippee' and the rational definition of the concept as falsely sanctioned deceptive speech from an inferior culture or belief system in order to gain temporary dominance over a superior system. Obviously the truth would not bring about that domination and that would not serve the interests of the 'ummah', defined as the entire Islamic community. The western pronunciation is 'Oh Mama' and defined as the whole Islamic enchilada. (Apparently all Islamic terms Westerners should learn in order to protect themselves from this cult can be found on a Mexican menu.)

Now addressing the 'holy' aspect of deception, it is asked over and over again, why would a holy, almighty God need to use deception to subdue his creation. The answer is always the same, He wouldn't. The concept itself is an insult. I would like to humorously conclude that it especially insults lovers of Latino food but taqiyyah (again 'taco yippee') becomes quite serious and detrimental to it's uneducated recipients, most of us. So there is nothing holy about the deception, it's just a necessary tool for naricists past and present.

Bin Laden would come to South America in the mid-nineties but he had reassured his host, the President Fujimori of Peru, that he would only target white interests in South America. This was the reported racial phrase Bin Laden had used and I could never understand why he would use that term. The day after 9/11 a small bomb exploded outside an American franchised restaurant in Rio Vermelho, Brazil. More than likely you have not heard of this but it was in our neighborhood. It was just a local zealot, no one was killed. Yet then I couldn't help think of six months before 9/11 when Brazil's largest off shore oil platform sunk. Of course after 9/11 I was very paranoid and began to question if any of this was related. I read a report that the cause was most likely a mechanical failure so I was wrong, wasn't I? I can't completely shake my doubts. Even now this story, the timing of the incident, the 3 explosions that ripped through the rig killing 10 workers begs the question was Bin Laden practicing taqiyyah with Fujimori? Whether or not the sinking of the rig had anything to do with Al Qaeda, I think he was.

A clearer and more well known example is when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared to his Islamic compatriots that Israel would be wiped off the map, his general even declared they had a implementable plan to destroy both Israel and the United States. You have to believe him as it would not be proper to lie to his fellow cultists. Yet when Ahmadinejad constantly tells the potential victims they are not building nuclear weapons, nearly everyone believes he is being true to the concept of taqiyyah.

At least as important if not more, is the day to day use of taqiyyah by regular practicing Muslims.

Monday, August 18, 2008

August 15th Weekend Celebration. National Holiday?

Another holiday has come and gone but the joy remains. It is not yet celebrated by many people in the free world, yet that too is changing. August 15, 718 the Muslims were repulsed from the siege of Constantinople, thus sparing Europe from the Islamic invaders and unquestionably saving Western Culture. It is a fantastic story that all Westerners and freedom loving Muslims should delight in. In importance to our culture, few events rival this historical event. The next August 15th, take time to celebrate your freedom. Many of our holidays are a celebration of freedom. Christmas, Christ's birth, freedom from sin. Easter, Christ's resurrection, freedom from death. The 4th of July, the freedom of national independence. August 15th, the saving of Western Culture from Islamic enslavement. Enemies are planning to take these freedoms away, celebrate and cherish the freedom. As Wafa Sultan has said, this is not a clash of cultures, it is a clash between civilization and barbarianism.

Why is freedom so important? Here is what Mark Twain said: "When I, a thoughtful and unbiased Presbyterian, examined the Koran, I knew that beyond any question every Mohammedan is insane, not in all things, but in religious matters.... I cannot prove to him that he is insane, because you never can prove anything to a lunatic — for that is a part of his insanity and the evidence of it." Mark Twain had as much criticism of all aspects of Western Culture and we celebrate that also. Self-criticism has never been our weakness, it is our strength. we are free to do it. As the joke goes, a man says to his middle eastern acquaintance, here in the West we can criticise our religion and our politicians as much as we like. Yes it is the same in Dar al-Islam, under Islamic law we too can criticise your religion and politicians as much as we like.

Thank God you are not forced to mechanically bow 5 times a day toward a black stone in Mecca.

Thank God you do not live by the rules of a mentally disturb narcissist.

Thank God for the spiritual freedom given through Christ and thank God for the secular freedoms passed down to us through the sacrifice of the Western patriots.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sadly Another Daughter is Savagely Killed

Here is an example of stories that we hear about everyday. They are of crimes and actions not understandable to most people unless one has studied and faced off with the darkness of Islam and the present understanding it’s only prophet's sicknesses. Western followers of this cultist can no longer make excuses, deny or look to reform Islam. They are Muslims because they were born Muslims and/or forced to became Muslims, not through their own decision Western culture has shown them the vileness of it's teachings and they have been given the freedom and opportunity to question. As Jesus Christ stated, to whom much is given, much is expected. Much more is expected of western Muslims, they need to come clean and oppose Mohammad's teachings and the robotic actions of those that call themselves Muslims.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Kübler-Ross Model

I'm not an expert of the model of the 5 stages of dying but I do recognize the cult of Islam is dying. Some of the believers having now lived in a free society in the West have come to realize the problem with Islam is not only fanaticism and radicalism but the true sickness lies with mainstream Islam. It is a sickness and it is dying. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Some believe the system can and must be reformed. Those that do believe this know the illness is terminal. They are past the stage of denial and transitioning from anger to the bargaining stage of the model. Removing infected vital organs from the body seems hopeful and even noble but the infection has spread and the patient still dies. The illness is far beyond what the reformers recognize, it is not just the unquestioning mindlessness and the oppression of women and religious minorities.

Reforming suggests a religion gone astray. Reformers of the past (and present) suggested a purer form of Islam. Islam not working? We need more Islam, more control, bring in the Taliban, more lashes, more stoning, more control of the women, Islam must rule over all they say, a closer following of the precepts that cause the illness. Drain the blood of the sick. It doesn't work. It is well beyond the above mentioned inequities, it is a recognition, little by little that the cult was founded on delusion, of one man and there lies the problem.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Understanding the Temporary Growth Of Cultural Islam

Islam historically has spread by two methods: conquest (forcible) and birth. There is little appeal in reason or faith for anyone to turn to Islam otherwise. Mohammed's early years of preaching netted him few converts, but once he changed his method the growth began. Today without the use of both methods, Islam would die off even quicker that what is inevitable.

Today territories are Islamitized through attrition and migration or outright conquest such as Turkey's ethnic cleansing and annexation of Northern Cyrus, nothing has changed.

In other countries you must be a muslim, no other choice, you are born, you are muslim. In the Republic of Maldives being muslim is required for citizenship. Its not a matter of choice. As muslim writer Irshad Manji wrote in her ongoing attempt to reform Islam, "most of us muslims aren't muslims because we think about it, but rather because we were born that way."

Most of the migration to the West continues for the same reason as always, to find a better life. Jozef Grzywaczewski in the Catholic Weekly writes, "In Europe a Muslim declares to have one wife but his ‘cousins’ live with him. When they have children they receive benefits for each child as single mothers; their benefits are higher than the benefits for married mothers. Therefore, it is not a problem to earn a living for a family with about 20 children." So again, growth by birth and through deceitful if not criminal disregard for spirit of the law.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Phokas Solution

Since shortly after Mohammed began lusting after baby girls, some of the people who bow 5 times a day toward Mecca have had their eyes on Cyprus. Greek Emperor Nikephoras Phokas put an end to a 300 year attempt by those people by expelling the raiders from Cyprus and Asia Minor in 965. In 1974 Turkey, a country dominated by people who bow toward a stone, invaded Cyprus and have occupied over 36% of this historic island, annihilating the Hellenic and Christian local culture, turning historic churches into stables and urinals, or worse, meeting centers for the stone bowers, driving out the local populations, killing many and colonizing the illegally occupied area with 160,000 Islamic immigrants, Turkifying towns and places and ignoring a virtual record number of UN condemning resolutions. Unfortunately Cyprus looked to the UN for justice and relief so understandably little had been done. EU stick and carrot has done little...except perhaps to stall Turkey's accession to the EU, which grants some relief to sane Europeans. Turkey spends its efforts on PR programs of denial. The talk now is unification but history has shown the long term solution for Cyprus is expulsion.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Continue to Fight!

We are stealthily being attacked on another two fronts, free speech and finance. The Free Speech Protection Act of 2008 ( S-2977 & H.R. 5814) modeled after NY State's Rachel's Law should be adopted before the summer adjournment. Contact your rep to support this effort. It is a step in the right direction. The Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) and others will continue the attempt to outlaw 'criticism' of Islam, something it can not tolerate.

Talk is just starting about outlawing Sharia (Islamic compliant) finance within the USA. We will be hearing more about this soon. Not only is it discriminatory but it introduces the establishment of Islamic law within our culture. When you begin hearing about it, support it.

Continue to expose this fraudulent cult, it is a house of cards that can not stand up to truth.

One Third of British Muslim Students believe it is Acceptable to Kill for Islam

For people watching the movements of this cult, of course this is no surprise and may in fact believe the numbers are low. The researchers found these results "deeply alarming". Why? Isn't it because they do not understand the basic tenets of the cult of Islam?

Here is the whole article from EuropeNews.

Nearly one third of Muslim students believe it can be acceptable to kill in the name of religion, according to a survey published yesterday.
It also found that 40 per cent want to see the introduction of Islamic sharia law in Britain, 40 per cent think it wrong for Muslim men and women to mix freely together, and 33 per cent want to see a worldwide Islamic government based on sharia law.
The findings were described by researchers....

Here are a few questions the pollsters should ask the Brits in the next round:

What Islamic country would you prefer to live in? Choices should list counties along with none of the above.

Which Islamic country should Britain be modeled after? Again list countries to choose from.

In your opinion, which physical or mental disorder most influenced Mohammed's thinking? Choices include narcissism, acromegaly, pedophilia, obsesive compulsive disorder...see others.

In your opinion of the 270 million people killed as a result of the spread of Islam since its creation 1400 years ago, how many of these deaths can be attributed to the lust of booty?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fighting Back Against UN's Anti-Christian Pro-Islamic Initiative

Today in a routine press briefing by press secretary Dana Perino, a reporter asked her what the Administration's stance was regarding the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC)* effort to have the UN muzzle criticism of Islam. The unidentified reporter referred to the Muslim efforts as 'anti-Christian' quoting several media free speech group. Her answer was that this was the "first they had heard of this initiative" and would get back with an answer. Asking the question in that context is in itself news and it needs to be ask again and again. The OIC is calling this criticism the defamation of Islam and is saying that leads to violence against Muslims. This is a ruse. Islam simply can not permit criticism. As more people learn of Islam's obvious true nature from the people it has harmed and that of its only prophet, his control by fear to serve his own sad disorders, this awareness will continue to erode this massive cult's power over people and organizations. It is a house of cards ready to collapse and it soon will.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Rachel's Law Update

In 2003 Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld published a book titled Funding Evil; How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It . She was sued for libel by a Saudi business man. In response to this and similar incidents referred to as "libel tourism" New York's legislature passed, and on May-01-2008 Gov. Paterson signed, a law which "offers New Yorkers greater protection against libel judgments in countries whose laws are inconsistent with the freedom of speech granted by the United States Constitution."

Now referred to as Rachel' Law, a national version S. 2977, the Free Speech Protection Act of 2008, was introduced by Sen. Arlen Specter on May 6, 2008. The bill would protect journalists and authors from libel suits brought against them in foreign courts. S. 2977 would allow federal courts to determine whether there has been defamation under United States law when a U.S. journalist or author is sued in a foreign court. The bill also authorizes courts to bar enforcement of a foreign judgment and to award damages.

According to Sen. Herb Kohl the bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee of which he is a member, he stated in a recent email (7/17/2008), "A free press is essential to an open society and is a cornerstone of our democracy. Congress must remain vigilant in protecting our most cherished civil liberties as enumerated by the Bill of Rights."

Equally if not more important, citizens need to remain vigilant and those that have knowledge and understanding of the dangers of Islamic doctrine have a civic duty beyond debating politics and voting and that duty is to constantly work to inform and educated policy makers of the threat to our freedoms. Xeriscapist

Thursday, July 17, 2008

When Presidents Understood Clearly

Here is an article written by Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch. Please read and pass on it's message to anyone involved with a candidate's election. McCain recently said, "I admire the Islam [sic]. There are a lot of good principles in it." What principles could he be possibly referring to? President Bush since 2003 has continued to promote his view of Islam in the Official White House Website. Obama? Who knows how much he really knows or understands.

"In a recent article prompted by his reading of Joshua London’s Victory in Tripoli, Andrew Bostom, who compiled The Legacy of Jihad, adduces from London’s text a number of telling descriptions of Islam and of Muslims by some of the most important figures in American history. Two of them were Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, in 1786 ambassadors (Jefferson in Paris, Adams in London) from the newly-established American Republic still under the Articles of Confederation (the Treaty of Paris had been signed in 1783, the Constitution was ratified only in 1787). They had a meeting with the representative of Tripolitania (present-day Libya) then in the Great Britain, Sidi Haji Rahmand Adja.
Like other Christian maritime powers, the American state had suffered from the state-piracy of Muslim corsairs. The word "piracy" implies mere seeking at random for booty, and is inadequate to describe the formal system by which Muslim corsairs had for centuries been making war on Christian shipping, with the foreknowledge (indeed, often registering in advance either the places their ships would be going, or what Infidel shipping they intended to attack) and support of the Muslim rulers of the North African states -- which, in turn, were ostensibly under the control of the Ottoman rulers in Istanbul.
Both Jefferson and Adams were learned men. Take a tour in Quincy or at Monticello and look at their libraries, and then imagine the reading material that sustains the current, or the last few, American presidents. But they had no reason to know about Islam. They were interested in the civilization of the West, to which they belonged. Islam was merely a disturbing and violent intruder, to south and east, of that West. The notion that someday Muslims in the Western world would be insisting that the Western world owed so much to Islam, that the Renaissance was practically a Muslim invention, that without Islam the great civilization of the Western world was unthinkable, would have been regarded by them as what it is: absurdity, from first to last, a travesty of history.
But did they know much about what prompted Muslim behavior? No. So they asked why the Barbary states (present-day Morocco, Algerian, Tunisia, and Libya) would continually attack American and all other Infidel shipping, seize the cargoes and the sailors, taking both back to Islamic lands and enslaving those Christian seamen who sometimes could be ransomed, sometimes not. So they asked the ambassador, Mr. Adja, why the Muslims of the Maghrib, the "Barbary pirates" as they were known in the West, did as they did.
He had no trouble answering them, as the report written by Jefferson and Adams to the Continental Congress shows:
"…that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise."

Nothing surprising here to any contemporary Muslim, though many will wish that Americans will never read that paragraph above, especially since it was written by two of the Founders, two of the Framers of that Constitution which is so flatly contradicted by the principles and Holy Law of Islam. It is easy to denounce this or that truth-teller about Islam today, but not quite so easy for Muslims to denounce or attempt to belittle a report written by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams.
Bostom also quotes London's excerpt from a report by William Eaton, a veteran of the Revolutionary War (who later became the U.S. consul in Tunis, and who in 1799) on his meeting with the Dey of Algiers, Bobba Mustafa:
"…we took off our shoes and entering the cave (for so it seemed), with small apertures of light with iron gates, we were shown to a huge shaggy beast, sitting on his rump upon a low bench covered with a cushion of embroidered velvet, with his hind legs gathered up like a tailor, or a bear. On our approach to him, he reached out his forepaw as if to receive something to eat. Our guide exclaimed, "Kiss the Dey’s hand!" The consul general bowed very elegantly, and kissed it, and we followed his example in succession. The animal seemed at that moment to be in a harmless mode; he grinned several times, but made very little noise. Having performed this ceremony, and standing a few moments in silent agony, we had leave to take our shoes and other p roperty, and leave the den without any other injury than the humility of being obliged in this involuntary manner, to violate the second commandment of God and offend common decency. Can any man believe that this elevated brute has seven kings of Europe, two republics, and a continent tributary to him when his whole naval force is not equal to two line-of-battle ships? It is so."
Not exactly one of those Western ambassadors – a John C. West or James Akins or an Andrew Kilgore or a Eugene Bird – full of salaam-aleikum lecca-leccas for their Arab counterparts. No, it was a no-nonsense early American, sure of himself, and equally sure that he could recognize a comical primitive when he saw one – and saw no need to pull any rhetorical punches. One wonders how many today would report back in a similar fashion on the absurdities, say, of Arafat and company, or the pretensions of the ludicrous Arab regimes and Arab-League officials who have been allowed to believe in their own significance and importance, when their only significance and importance is that supplied by an accident of geology and the complete failure of even these recipients of the largest unearned wealth in history to create modern polities and modern economies. The fact that these regimes remain morally and intellectually paralyzed should show those who, in the Western world, ought to know a little something about what makes the West the West, just a little something about what the civilizational fruits of Islam are – or rather, about the absence of those civilizational fruits.
In his review-article Bostom also spatchcocked on, from a period later than that of the Barbary Pirates episode in American geopolitical life, a piercing, no-nonsense quote from John Quincy Adams, writing in about 1829 after his retirement from public life:
"….he [Muhammad] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God…the faithful follower of the prophet may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force."
(All Bold Fonts Added)
The "command" to Believers to engage in "perpetual war" -- performed "alike by fraud or by force" – against the Infidels, the Unbelievers, was no secret to the well-traveled (St. Petersburg, among other places he was stationed) and well-read John Quincy Adams. In a previous article Bostom had quoted John Quincy Adams comparing the essence of Christian doctrine with the essence of Islam.
This was John Quincy Adams on Christianity:
"And he [Jesus] declared, that the enjoyment of felicity in the world hereafter, would be reward of the practice of benevolence here. His whole law was resolvable into the precept of love; peace on earth – good will toward man…On the Christian system of morals, man is an immortal spirit, confined for a short space of time, in an earthly tabernacle. Kindness to his fellow mortals embraces the whole compass of his duties upon earth, and the whole promise of happiness to his spirit hereafter. THE ESSENCE OF THIS DOCTRINE IS, TO EXALT THE SPIRITUAL OVER THE BRUTAL PART OF HIS NATURE [Capitals in original]."And this was John Quincy Adams on Islam:
"Adopting from the sublime conception of the Mosaic law, the doctrine of one omnipotent God; he connected indissolubly with it, the audacious falsehood, that he was himself his prophet and apostle. Adopting from the new Revelation of Jesus, the faith and hope of immortal life, and of future retribution, he humbled it to the dust by adapting all the rewards and sanctions of his religion to the gratification of the sexual passion. He poisoned the sources of human felicity at the fountain, by degrading the condition of the female sex, and the allowance of polygamy; and he declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind. THE ESSENCE OF HIS DOCTRINE WAS VIOLENCE AND LUST; TO EXALT THE BRUTAL OVER THE SPIRITUAL PART OF HUMAN NATURE (Capitals in original)...Between these two religions, thus contrasted in their characters, a war of twelve hundred years has already raged. The war is yet flagrant...While the merciless and dissolute dogmas of the false prophet shall furnish motives to human action, there can never be peace upon earth, and good will towards men."
And Adams concluded:
"As the essential principle of his [Muhammad’s] faith is the subjugation of others by the sword; it is only by force, that his false doctrines can be dispelled, and his power annihilated."
As one reads and ponders these remarks by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, and John Quincy Adams, one is struck by the self-assurance that they represent civilization, and that Islam and its representatives did not, and it would have been ludicrous to pretend otherwise. Islam did not change between 1786 or 1805 or 1830 and today. The doctrine of Jihad did not change. The Qur’an was not a different Qur’an; the Hadith were not differently ranked from the way muhaddithin had ranked them, according to various levels of authenticity, nearly a thousand years before. If anything, the forces of Islam were far weaker then, and far less able, therefore, to conduct Jihad. The only instrument available was military, and in military matters the Muslims were hopelessly surpassed by the technology of a much more advanced civilization – more advanced in every possible way. So what happened? How is it that today no Western leader can bring himself to write about Islam as Jefferson, Adams, John Quincy Adams, or even in modern times, as Churchill did in The River War?
What happened are any number of things, beginning with an entirely different class of rulers. What a falling-off, intellectually, there has been since the days of the Founders and the Framers. The self-assurance and leisure necessary to learn about things, the absence of breathless, round-the-clock news, the fantastic piling-up of duties so that no leader can conceivably read, and take in, once he has risen to the top, the very things he most needs to know -- all this has contributed to that falling off. And right now, of course, the thing that leaders and elites all over the Western world most need to know is all about Islam, its tenets, its history of Jihad-conquest, its subjugation of all conquered non-Muslims, and its recommended instruments of Jihad that go far beyond either "terror" or even military means. This conquest is promoted now in Western Europe mainly by demographics -- the numbers of Muslims multiplying at a rate far faster than that of the indigenous Infidels -- and Dawa. That Dawa is targeted at prisoners, and at others who are economically and psychically marginal, and inclined to embrace a belief-system that can be viewed as a vehicle of protest against "the System," and also supplies, for those who need it, a Complete Regulation of Life and Total Explanation of the Universe. There are plenty of weak-minded people around, their numbers increased by the sometimes intolerable stress and stupidity of frantic getting and spending, or not getting, and not spending.
What happened? Why could Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, and John Quincy Adams and so many others in American history have understood Islam, and also understood that there was no possibility of, and no need to even attempt, to "win hearts and minds" of Muslims, but rather to obtain their cooperation, to force changes in their behavior? The latter is a very different thing from winning hearts and minds, and is grounded in the reality of what Islam teaches its adherents to believe. When Theodore Roosevelt demanded from a Moroccan bandit chief the return of Ion Perdicaris (who at the time was not even an American citizen, though few paid attention to that -- he did have a long American connection) with that famous phrase about "Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead," he too understood that dealing with such people required that kind of attitude.
Jefferson and Adams and Quincy Adams read. They thought. They studied. They learned things directly. They did not have staffs that attempted to supply their every mental need by supplying little 1- or 3- or 5-page summaries of information, offered up in bite-size bullets that were not even sentences. They were well-traveled. They all had the habit of study and of thought, and would not have wasted the kind of time that our leaders, in and out of office, waste on meetings, and meet-and-greet sessions, and smiles, and wiles, and all the intolerable nonsense that modern political life requires of those who can endure it, and that often drives away the best people because, in the end, they cannot.
Just imagine that in the previous administration, one of the "experts" called on for his "expertise" on Islam was that supreme and sinister apologist, John Esposito. Jefferson, Adams, and Quincy Adams would have seen through him in a moment’s time. When they were writing, they were not worried about "offending" Muslims. They could afford to speak the truth. But so could Western leaders today, if only they would begin to do it. The Muslims have very little hold over us. Yes, they have oil. And they desperately need to sell that oil. And they are terrified that the West could begin to find other sources of energy, or that the West could begin to tax oil use themselves in ways that would dampen demand. And the Arabs and other Muslims do not "have the Gatling-gun" and militarily could be laid waste overnight. They have money with which to buy influence, but if all over the Western world those on the take were relentlessly exposed, ridiculed, held up for inspection (and that would include a good many ex-diplomats, journalists, academics and others), then that army of apologists could lose its effectiveness. There is no "oil weapon" and never was. There is a financial weapon, but it is in Western and chiefly American hands. What would the rich Arabs do if the Western world decided to seize their property in the West as the assets of enemy aliens, just as was done to the property owned not only by the German government, but by individual Germans, during World War II? And what would they do if they were to be permanently deprived of easy access to Western medical care? (How would you feel if someone threatened to deprive you of the possibility of seeing your Western doctors or being treated in a Western hospital? That might get your attention.) What would they do if they were deprived of access to Western education (for their children, especially), or if they lost any chance of moving to the West? What would they do if they began to see a relentless campaign to remove, as a security threat, Muslims from within Dar al-Harb, where they have been allowed to settle, through negligence, by the tens of millions?
What has happened is not merely a kind of cretinising of our political class, but also a laziness. This can be seen from those who are not in the executive branch, and who could, if they chose, study the contents of Islam, learn about Jihad and about the dhimmi, and never be fooled again. But do you know of any Senators and Congressmen who, over the past few years, have decided to study such matters? Do you have the feeling that John Kerry, with no money worries whatsoever and a good deal of time, has been burning the midnight oil reading Robert Spencer, or Bat Ye’or, or Ibn Warraq’s Why I Am Not a Muslim, so that he won’t and can’t be fooled? Do you think any of the Democrats, so critical -- for all the wrong reasons -- of the war in Iraq, will ever be able to criticize the war for the right reasons, as has been done here for more than two years?
Sometimes it is fun to imagine a figure from the past suddenly coming to life. I have always imagined John Keats suddenly appearing, and my taking him to Macdonald’s, and trying to explain it to him. Imagine Jefferson and Adams coming to life. Imagine what they would make of all kinds of things, but imagine in particular what they would make of people all over the Western world who had now allowed, within their midst, millions of people who, as a matter of belief, were taught to hate those people among whom they lived, and to work to destroy those Infidel institutions, laws, customs, manners, until Islam dominated and some form of the Holy Law of Islam could be established? What would they make of this? What would they make of the $400 billion in sunk costs spent or committed in the near-term to the war in Iraq, as we try to create out of three separate groups of Muslims a nation-state that supposedly will serve as a "model" for other Arab Muslims, a kind of Light Unto the Muslim Nations? They would rub their eyes in disbelief. They would wonder – how did this happen to the country they helped to found and nurture? Where did things go wrong? And then they would have questions. "What’s a speechwriter?" "You mean, you actually have someone else write words you present as your own, fashion your thoughts, express what should be your views?" "And what are ‘bullets’ used in these pages of Daily Briefings?" "And what is a ‘Daily Briefing’"?
They would be quite capable today, as they were in their own day, of reading and finding out about Islam – through books and through the evidence of their senses. They didn’t have CNN, Fox, spy satellites, and an army of CIA agents. But they knew what Islam was all about. It is we, with all that paraphernalia, seeking complexity when things are perhaps too obvious, too worrisomely simple for many to wish to grasp the matter, who are the innocent ones. It is Jefferson and Adams and Quincy Adams and many others, right up to Churchill, who had an unobnubilated grasp of Islam and of Muslims. They were not distracted. They were not charmed by a Saudi oil minister, or by someone at the "Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding." They had the leisure to read, to think, and even to ponder, slowly, what it was they read, and make it their own. The hectic vacancy of official Washington is scandalous -- especially when one rises to the very top and learns only from those briefest of briefings, and even that only when it is too late, or treated as if it is too late, or perhaps beneath the dignity of the highest officials ("As for study, we’ll let our valets do that for us").
And this is how it has become nearly impossible to get their attention, to get them to start making sense.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Further Review of 'Understanding Muhammad' by Ali Sina

Had I not taken the advice of several of other reviewers, perhaps I would have passed up this rational and unrefuted psychological examination of Mohammad and the true explanation of what (and why) muslims think and act as they do. I've never read anything as compelling with the potential of freeing enslaved minds as well as shaking up Islamic apologists. I'll never view another news story, read another account of Islamic culture or history without appreciating and applying what I have learned. Muslims will continue to threaten Ali Sina with hell. Nothing in this work dissuades a person from a belief in God but I imagine readers will never again be able to keep a serious face when someone says Mohammad's Allah is God Almighty, creator of the universe. No question Islam is a house of cards and will soon collapse. Buy the book, buy it new, I imagine his security costs are high. You'll benefit by acquiring one more degree of understanding above these cultists, which may in time be used to help them and all of civilization.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Helping the Victims of Islam

If it is too much at this point for the victims of islam (the followers & others) to face evidence of their leader's mental illness, perhaps it may be best to start with an obvious and interesting physical disorder, acromegaly. In his book Understanding Mohammad, A Psychobiography , Ali Sina gives clear evidence using descriptions in the islamic writings of Mohammad and his associates that he had obvious symptoms of acromegaly. Why is that important? An example is it may better explain Mohammad's prohibition against the recording of his image. How is this relevant today? Since Danish newspapers have printed simple, humorous caricatures of Mohammad, besides the riots and deaths, entire nations are attempting to punish all Danes. This irrational action stems from an narcissistic individual attempting to hide his physical deformities from the people 1400 years ago. Teach muslims and others about acromegaly. If they possess a basic practicing knowledge of the koran and hadiths, over time the connection may seep in.

Once this is understood, the next step is to understand his mental disorders. I would postulate that no news story coming from areas and countries presently called islamic, can ever be understood without understanding Mohammad's mental illness. Learn about these disorders and a much fuller understanding of these events will occur. An example of one today's most read stories about the Baghdad walls. Understand the mental disorders that inflicted the leader to understand the ills of the followers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Faith Freedom $50000 Challenge

Ali Sina's Challenge from the FaithFreedom Website:

If you do not like this site and want me to remove it, instead of acting as a bully or as a victim, disprove my charges against Muhammad logically. Not only will I remove the site, I will publicly announce that Islam is a true religion. I will also pay
$50,000 U.S. dollars
to anyone who can disprove any of the dozen of the accusations that I have made against Muhammad. I accuse Muhammad of being:
a narcissist
a misogynist
a rapist
a pedophile
a lecher
a torturer
a mass murderer
a cult leader
an assassin
a terrorist
a mad man
a looter

I don't believe Sina's challenge is to provoke muslims, it is meant to help them and others. In my opinion, it's not done out of hate but pity. Once a person understands their leader who they emulate was inflicted by multiple mental disorders, perhaps they can change their own behaviours. PraiaFlamengo

Take the challenge