Saturday, November 7, 2009

Islam Now the Victim of the Fort Hood Massacre?

Coverage: the question is constantly asked, Why? Why? Why? No one who has read Ali Sina, Robert Spencer or many others asks this question. Instead they stand, watching others groping around as if in a dark room, hands stretched out asking why, why, why while somehow blocking out the constant reminder that the room is well lit and to simply open their eyes.

The families of the true victims, the killed and wounded, who received the life destroying, life shortening knock at the door or "the call", the blow to the stomach that some will recover from and others won't, the kids of a dead mom, parents, brothers & sisters, friends, who have received "the knock at the door' or "the call" are also the true victims.

It is of no commendation for those who practice Blackstonianism to denounce acts of mass murder, after all Koran 9:111 guarantees paradise to those who are kill or are killed for Allah. This community must institute in every mosque and every school the error of these Koranic teachings instead of claiming victimhood.

Koranic veres not only explain violence toward other people but also explain Islamic cohesion and that cohesion can be reduced to one word: Fear. Fear of hell, fear of burning, fear of punishment is the entire basis of Blackstonianism.

This fear surrounds the Muslim, in a sense like a ring a fire leaving no path of escape except to walk into the flames of their own fear and if and when that happens, they discover the fear (flames) was all an illusion.