Monday, January 26, 2009

Dutch Poll: Should Geert Wilders be Prosecuted? 85% No

A Dutch Appeals court recently ordered the prosecution of Geert Wilders head of the Dutch Freedom Party for creating a short film called Fitna. How do the Dutch feel?

According to one Dutch blogger a recent poll indicated that 51% of the respondents were in agreement with the statement, "the Court made an unacceptable breach of the position of a MP representing more than half a million Dutch voters".

Another poll asked a simple and direct question: Moet Wilders vervolgd worden? 84.5% of the respondents said no.

For background of this story, check out this Dutch blogger.

Here is a comment regarding the poll from Snouck from the Netherlands regarding this poll:

Xeriscapist -The Geenstijl poll that you mention is not representative for the Dutch population but for the readers of Geenstijl. Right-wingers and Freedom-lovers are overrepresented amongst readers of Geenstijl.As you can read in the rest of the Geenstijl article they are casting doubt on the accuracy of internet polls. They also mention the TNS NIPO poll which polls a more Leftwing oriented group. They show 51 percent approval for prosecuting Geert Wilders for inciting hatred against Islam.Geenstijl further seems to imply that the people who are polled by peilpunt, the poll that I used as the basis of my article, are more of the Left than of the Right.My conclusions:-all the polls are problematic.-both NPS NIPO and peilpunt poll amongst a group that is more Leftist oriented than the general population-so the support for Geert Wilders is actually even bigger than the my peilpunt-poll indicates. Support for Wilders is HIGHER amongst the general voting population than 50 percent.And finally: Even amongst the Leftist TNS NIPO poll there is only 51 percent approval for the prosecution of Geert Wilders. That is a narrow majority. I think that Geert Wilders stands a lot to win and the Government and the Court stands a lot to lose in the coming legal battle.Regards,Snouck

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Employers in Jordan Try to Force Filipino Women to Convert to Islam. Women say, NO!

AMMAN, Jordan AP – Forty narrow mattresses line the carpeted floor of the basement at the Philippines Embassy, a damp and dimly lighted room where 20 women have sought refuge from abusive employers.
The room is one of two shelters run by the embassy for Philippines citizens in Jordan — a country that human rights groups accuse of not doing enough to protect about 500,000 foreigners, including 30,000 Filipinos, who are here working as maids and servants or in construction.
Jordan, like other Middle East countries, offers little legal protection for foreign workers, forcing governments like that of the Philippines to operate shelters. Many of the victims are women who accuse their employers of beating them, refusing to pay wages and forcing them to convert to Islam. Full Story: AP Story by JAMAL HALABY

Last November an Egyptian Islamistic spokesman "invited" President Obama to convert to the cult, promising him "honor and glory" if he would. If not, violence. The Filipino maids resisted and overcame the same patterned threats while living under the conditions of harsh servitude. Looking only to provide a living for themselves and their poor families, these working women have displayed a noble example for free people faced with Islamic supremacy, totalitarianism and threats. Xeriscapist Editior

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Hamas, Hamas, Joden aan het gas'

"Hamas, Hamas, gas the Jews"

The words themselves need no commentary. When after it was introduced in the Netherlands by the recent immigrants, it was picked up as a soccer chant, one group of Dutch fans chanting the genocidal credo while another team of fans wave Israeli flags. From there it began to be used in Dutch prisons, one set of prisoners against another and now to the streets where crowds marching behind a Dutch MP call for the extermination of a people and a nation state, something we find common and even expect from the various Blackstonian cultures of the mideast. You may want your minute and a half back after watching this.

Reaction for many of the Dutch to this video and the actions of this MP is this:

Palestina heeft mijn sympathie verloren.*
*Palistine has lost my sympathy

1/7/2009 Update: Pro-Israeli, Anti-Jihadist Rallies in the USA and London