Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Al Qaeda, Mujahideen
Talibani, Moderate
Car Burning Parisians.
Extremist, Radical
Ka'ab Bowing, Mohammadan
Secular, Musselman
"Death to the American"
Allah, Gay-A-Brel
Offended Pakistan
Copt Killing Egypt-chee-an
Quran, Hadiths
Sunna, Ummah
Fan-atic Mozz-A-Lim
Devout or Secularized
Its still all Izz-A-Lem
Mohound Achmed of Amsterdam
Bomb-er or Terrorist
Imans from Birmingham
Holy or Holey
However you call the Ko-Ran
Ayatollah Komedian:
There's no fun in Izz-A-Lem
"you pig, you dog, you Chrish-Chee-An"
Wiping out Armenians
Con-A-Verted Africans
Arabized Iranians
Kiss a Blackstone, Moham did
Why can't you just say it? Izz-A-Lem