Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Joys of Being Free of Islam

Inspiration from the growing movement to Free Iran of Islam has added a new level of appreciation for and awareness of a freedom that most people enjoy, freedom from Blackstonianism. Everyday we are faced with news stories and of Mohammadans persecuting Christians, women, non-cult members and themselves. It is hard not to share the victim’s pain and this empathy of course will never change. But to wake up each day and be Blackstonian free gives a great sense of personal joy. To end each day with a calm sense of this freedom adds to this joy.

Free from the angry ravings of Mohammad & Mohammadans,
Free from ramadan,
Free from animal sacrifice,
Free from the headcoverings,
Freedom from blackstonian duplicity,
Freedom of thought and conscience,
Freedom from the sin of Islam,
Free from Islamic historical propaganda,
Free of mosques,
Free of imams,
Free of the koran,
Free of Muhammad’s biography,
Free of the old raider’s sayings,
Free of the moon god’s observances & traditions,
Freedom to test the Truth,
Freedom to live a godly life,
Freedom from the backwardness of Islamic controlled societies,
Freedom to seek God

The Mohammadan strife against people will continue, I suppose, until its inevitable decline and demise, but the joy will always continue.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alpha Arae Reasoning of Blackstonianism

Every word of the Koran came from the mouth of Mohammad. Blackstonians never attribute any of the words of the Koran to any other human being, though historically this is arguably in doubt. But assume for now this is true. If so, each word came to his mouth from his mind. The only reference that these words came from the Blackstonian version of the Biblical Angel Gabriel was Mohammad. The only testimony that the words given to Mohammad from the Blackstonian version of the Biblical Angel  Gabriel came from the Arabic god Allah was Mohammad. All the words of the Koran praising Mohammad, exhortations to follow his example, all the commands to obey Mohammad, and thus obeying the god Allah was from the mind of Mohammad. The debate of where Mohammad's mind obtained the words, from the Blackstonian angel Jibril who does not appear in actions anything like the Biblical Gabriel , from the devil or a demon, from his own experiences, observations, scrambled within a complex abnormal brain and spat out distorted from seizures , cave gas , congenital, or acquired mental and physical disorders, or a combination of or all of the above, that debate will continue unresolved. But it remains, the words came from his mind. And thus was created and remains, Blackstonian Circle of Reasoning that has and will entraps and enslaves every Mohammadan.

In any discussion with a Blackstonian, any debate or discourse, The Mohammadan cannot rid himself from this reasoning. Knowing this they will search for other proofs but all within the confines of what came from Mohammad's mind/mouth. Often now they will give fallacious and at times humorous explanations of science within the Koran, the words from Mohammad's mouth.   Or the shop-worn statement of how such a book could not have been written by man (words from Mohammad's mouth), and by the way, yes it could have. I'll refer you to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, a book with as much science as the Koran, without grammatical error, free of contradictions and certainly more uplifting. In fact I challenge anyone to find one contradiction in the entire novel, just one scientific error. Each and every word came from the mind of Samuel Clemens.

To avoid facing this one steadfast fact of their flawed reasoning, Blackstonians need to keep speaking in circles, deceive others and themselves, faster and faster the spin, while changing the subject and pointing to others, pushing forward as if hoping to reach a fictitious place and time when no one is left to question the dizziness of it all.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Drawing Mohammad: A Civil Right and a Religious Duty

Mohammed's Kartoon Kafirs

by Kenneth Roberts

May 28, 2010

In the TV sitcom 'Green Acres', Oliver Wendell Douglas, a New York attorney runs for public office against the popular incumbent. A rumor starts, suggesting that Douglas had been debarred as a lawyer. Though not true, the rural folk keep repeating the lie during the campaign, until everyone accepts it as an established fact… and besides, it's highly amusing to repeat the slander. Candidate Douglas is frustrated beyond endurance. Even though he is an accomplished attorney, he doesn't stand a chance against this entrenched prejudice.

In the Koran, Mohammed uses the same technique. All sorts of things in the Koran are no more than cartoonish misrepresentations of people and other religions, but Moslems have no problem accepting them as established facts, merely because Mohammed said so and repeated them over and over, giving them divine authority… and besides, Mohammed's caricatures are highly amusing! Cartoons work. Hyperbole works. They entertain. They work viscerally by circumventing the intellect and appealing directly to the emotions through laughter and sneering mockery. A thing doesn't have to be true to be fun!

Mocking outsiders is fun! It puts 'them' down, puts 'us' above them and thus dehumanizes 'them'. 'We' get control of 'them'.

According to Mohammed, not only do kafir-subhumans deserve to be mocked, but they basically lack a right to share the earth with Moslems. They are on earth by the kind permission and mercy of Moslems who magnanimously restrain themselves from removing the kafirs altogether. By mocking their legitimate overlords (the Moslems), kafirs lose their right to exist on earth. That is the Sunna, the example, of Mohammed.

In the TV episode, lawyer Douglas starts shouting, 'I was not debarred!' but no one hears him over the howls of bemused laughter. Mohammed discovered how effective laughing at one's opponents could be. He mocked all who didn't follow him, starting with the Jews, calling them sons of pigs and apes, and at other times calling them 'donkeys carrying the Taurat'. Mohammed refused to pronounce it 'Torah'. He distorted the names of people in the Bible as well, no doubt to make them sound funny. He told humiliating stories about Biblical heroes. Abraham had a humorous scrotal hernia. Talking rocks stole Abraham's clothes and ran away with them. Solomon bends over and overhears the language of ants. Trees, clouds and other objects in nature come alive and speak. Such imagery could come out of Tom and Jerry, but it is there in Mohammed's holy book revealed by his god, who only communicated with Mohammed. Mohammed also hired writers to lampoon his enemies in limericks. Mohammed could not take a joke at his own expense. No! Mohammed's narcissism was sacred! And poking fun at it was an unforgivable act of high treason punishable by death! He had writers assassinated who lampooned him.

Of course, as with other matters, Mohammed gave himself a monopoly on cartoons. He wanted his opponents to be unarmed in the matter of satirizing him…as do pious Moslems today. Today, Moslems claim the right to satirize Jews, Americans, the British, the Pope and anyone else. But no one may satirize them. Moslems place themselves and their collective offended narcissism above comment. To criticize Moslems is an act of high treason against our divinely-appointed overlords!

We are never told why Mohammed's narcissism needs defending more than another's narcissism. We are merely told that Mohammed taught his followers to defend his narcissism by assassinating critics…and that this is confirmed in Islamic law.

Since Moslems claim a monopoly on lampooning, Moslems expect to fight opponents whose two hands are tied behind their backs. They expect to control all debate, so no one talks back. They expect to behead all verbal critique of Islam by removing freedom of speech from our writers, teachers and politicians. They would behead kafirs societies by silencing their leaders who are charged with hearing, speaking and thinking for the benefit of the body politick. They would silence opposition to Islam with a slice of the scimitar of censorship! This is being done by violence and threats of violence.

Mohammed considered resistance to his censorship as unspeakable insolence that must be attacked with the utmost fury! Mohammed's narcissism would not bear the smallest slight. So he found a way to stop it. All laughter stops when a person picks up a knife. According to Mohammed, such murder pleases Allah.

When Mohammed sent out his followers armed with knives, the mockers stopped mockery in Arabia forever. Anyone who disagreed with Mohammed left the country immediately, leaving Mohammed in complete control of all communications.

Today Moslems still demand a monopoly on mockery, a monopoly on satire, a monopoly on cartoons. They want a safe position above the debate from which they can verbally lay into others. Islamic mockery goes only one way…towards the kafirs.

Mohammed's mockery of Christian doctrines was as satirical as his mockery of the Jews. Mohammed's slanders of Christianity are some of the worst examples of his cartooning! The easiest and most distinctive Christian doctrine to remember is that of the divine Trinity, three persons in one God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Rather than admit he understood the clearly worded message, Mohammed intentionally distorted it as 'Father, Mother Mary and Son of God'. He obviously knew Mary was not part of the Trinity. He knew what he was doing. He was drawing a cartoon in which he removed the Holy Ghost from the picture. The first cult object tossed from the Kaaba by Mohammed was an image of a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Why was the Holy Ghost such a danger to Mohammed? Sometimes people reveal what frightens them by never mentioning what they fear! Mohammed never mentions the Holy Ghost. The gentle dove represents spiritual stillness, tameness and the Golden Rule. Their opposite qualities are activity, ferocity and opportunism. A world-conquering empire needed energetic warriors with the latter qualities, rather than contemplative Christian monks in a monastery preaching benevolence towards one's enemies.

Mohammed's ultimate mockery of Christians was to mock the Virgin Mary by flying to heaven and make her his bride. Mohammed became the father of all Christians. His mockery of Christians was then almost complete.

Practically everything Mohammed said about Christianity was a caricature and a distortion. In a final cartoon of Christianity, Mohammed claimed Jesus would return to betray and butcher his own followers and then break the crosses they possessed as the symbols of the Golden Rule! This is an astonishing cartoon caricature of everything Christians consider holy and a revelation of Mohammed's psychology of betrayal!

The worst part of Mohammed's cartoons is that not only is he caricaturing the original doctrines, but he then claims that his cartoon represents THE TRUE IMAGE of them! Jewish and Christian doctrines as defined by the Jews and Christians themselves are wrong! Only Mohammed's cartoons are THE TRUE doctrines.

No professional cartoonist would ever claim that! Cartoonists live enough in reality to know that their cartoons are highly exaggerated misrepresentations emphasizing a humorous aspect of events or personalities.

If Mohammed thought his cartoons were REAL, he had obviously left reality.

Koranic cartoons misrepresenting Jews, Christians and the pluralistic, cultured Arabs of Mohammed's day are not reality, but Mohammed's distorted comic strips, which Moslems have accepted as THE TRUTH ever since.

Mohammed could not tell the difference between a cartoon and reality…or at least he pretended not to, if it was in his own political interest. This makes Mohammed a cynical, scheming politician, rather than a sincere spiritual leader. Was he mad or a schemer?

Mohammed's cartoons of 'others' in the Koran are no more real than the evil and dehumanizing cartoons of Jews that appeared for 20 years in the Nazi propaganda newspaper, Der Stürmer. The purpose of these cartoons was the same as Mohammed's Koranic Kafir Kartoons …to dehumanize the victims, make them out to be diseased animals and give Moslems the emotional freedom to treat these subhumans violently.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oppose the Cordoba Initiative Mega-Mosque in New York


Defend our nation from this unwanted intrusion. If Feisal and his co-weasels wish to honor our dead, build a monument to them in Malaysia!

Feisal go home!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Horowitz's Complete Lecture at UCSD

David Horowitz's recent lecture at the University of San Diego during what is now referred to as "Hitler Youth Week" is so impressive that I needed to post the complete lecture here.  It is well known he got a student to admit being in favor of efforts to exterminate the Jews, that short exchange over-shadowed the passion and brilliance of his speech. 

Thus, I encourage you to listen to all 6 parts, throw on headphones and view other applications if necessary but this will keep your attention:

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reminders of the Armenian Genocide

The world is not waiting with breath held for an American president to declare the Armenian Genocide a genocide, history has already decided that. When the current president had made the campaign promise, (also here) to do so, he or his associates were it seems not aware that one day they had to face the same thuggery as had the Armenians. Now with Turkish bullies about, plans and hopes for the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire and the march of Islamization that abruptly ended after World War 1 continues. Short of calling the event a genocide, the president apparently attempts to move to what he perceives as a moderate position last week by calling this genocide "one of the worst atrocities" of the twentieth century and a "devastating chapter of history" as if to put this all in the past.

The Armenian Genocide was not only one of the worst atrocities of the twentieth century, it was one of the worst in the history of humankind. Of course it was a devastating chapter of history but the chapter is not completely written as the living Armenians are still at risk since the forces in Turkey that led to the Genocide are being rekindled.  No, Nationalistic Muslim Turks do not view this new position as moderate or conciliatory. In their view a moderate statement would be "the genocide did not happen" or "the Christian Armenians were traitors and deserved this annihilation" and thus have called the president's statements through the Turkish foreign minister as "unacceptable".

Of course it was one the worst atrocities, of course it was devastating, of course it was the Muslim Turks that perpetrated this unspeakable crime against God and man.

Brief starting point for this histororical event: Armenian Genocide

"After World War I the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) - more commonly known as the "Young Turks" - decided to carry out a genocide against the Armenian people under Ottoman control. It is estimated that one and a half million Armenians were massacred between 1915 and 1923, out of the previous population of around two million. The Armenians were subjected to torture, massacre and expropriation of their wealth. The great majority of the Armenians were forced from their homes in Armenia and Anatolia and left to die of hunger and thirst in Syria where they fled.

There was a strong outcry in the United States, United Kingdom, France and Russia against the mistreatment of the Armenians. The Allies demanded that the Young Turks be tried for warcrimes. However, there was no intervention beyond helping the small remainder of the Armenians who were still alive in Syria. After the war there were no restitutions to the Armenian people for their loss of wealth and human lives by the Ottomans."

Excerpt from:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaving Islam? Bus Ads are Reinstated in Miami

This is America, you do have a choice.  The above ad was produced and is being displayed by the Freedom Defense Initiative. Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch announced today that this ad will again be displayed on buses in Miami after the Transit Authority of Miami temporarily removed the ads following pressure from Islamic supremacists of CAIR.   Please contact if you know in your heart it is time to make this decision.  Not only is this a victory for American free speech, it is a victory for those trapped within Cult of Mohammad and who wish to free themselves despite family and community pressure.  Mr. Spencer also has announced that this campaign will go national so I encourage those who enjoy their liberty to contribute and support this effort.

Millions each year leave Mohammad's monotheism within all countries.  In America for instance, many trace their roots to Arab countries but still the majority of those who do are not followers of Mohammadism. 

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday and the End of the Event

This is the day some Christians celebrate the death of Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ. One has in part feelings of sadness for the suffering of the Savior and we do dwell on this, yet we know the end of the story. We know of the resurrection and ascension without which Yeshua's death would not even have been recorded, at least as a significant event. But He was seen by at least 500 people according to the Bible and that is collaborated by the events that followed, the persecution and killing of around 10,000 Jewish believers soon followed. They were so convinced of His resurrection and ascension they could not deny their own beliefs to save their lives. I read the historical account of some of their executions, being burned to illuminate the coliseum, covered with animal skins then torn apart by lions. The author who I now do not remember, along with his fellow Romans considered the Christians evil but still were amazed and perplexed at their apparent inability to recant their faith. That is how strong they believed in Good Friday and how the event ended.

A little history of Easter here and here.

Easter is probably one of the oldest celebrated holidays in

the world; it just hasn't always gone under that name. It is

in fact the Catholic Church that dubbed the celebration of

this all important holiday Easter, and in fact moved the

date to converge with Hebrew and Pagan holidays so that when

the celebration was held it was held by all folk. But

because of this, pagan symbols worked their way into the

holiday, hence the rabbit and the eggs, which in ancient

religions symbolized fertility.

Some historians have researched the origin of the name and

believe that it derives from ancient Norsemen dialect

"Eostur" or "Ostar" or "Eastar" meaning "season of the

growing sun" or "season of new birth." But the name "Easter"

has also been proscribed to an old goddess of Teutonic

mythology. St. Bede, an eighth century English historian,

traced the name back to a goddess named Eostre or Eastre of

Anglo-Saxon origin. She was the goddess of Spring and the

whole month of April was dedicated to her. Interestingly,

her symbol was the hare….

It is also during this time that the pagan holiday of the

Rites of Spring on the Vernal Equinox is celebrated. This

was a brilliant move by the Catholic Church to get people to

join the church and break from pagan tradition and still be

able to celebrate their beliefs. Pagans during that time

celebrated the return of the Sun God which was an easy shift

for them to then believe in the resurrection of the Son of

God who saved them from our sins and death.

Pasted from Read the entire article.

After the fact, many have come and tried to explain this event. Many convince themselves that this is all mythology or that Yeshua did not die, the further from the event in time the easier it is to dismiss it. The misinterpretation of some photos from the Apollo moon landings led to some to conclude the landings never happened. A ridiculous idea that would have to involve possibly a 100,000 silent conspirators! Yet a poll in 2009 indicated that 25% of Brits did not believe man landed on the moon.

I believe if I live long enough, some day I will hear of a theory that the twin towers in New York never really existed.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Al Qaeda, Mujahideen
Talibani, Moderate
Car Burning Parisians.
Extremist, Radical
Ka'ab Bowing, Mohammadan
Secular, Musselman
"Death to the American"
Allah, Gay-A-Brel
Offended Pakistan
Copt Killing Egypt-chee-an
Quran, Hadiths
Sunna, Ummah
Fan-atic Mozz-A-Lim
Devout or Secularized
Its still all Izz-A-Lem
Mohound Achmed of Amsterdam
Bomb-er or Terrorist
Imans from Birmingham
Holy or Holey
However you call the Ko-Ran
Ayatollah Komedian:
There's no fun in Izz-A-Lem
"you pig, you dog, you Chrish-Chee-An"
Wiping out Armenians
Con-A-Verted Africans
Arabized Iranians
Kiss a Blackstone, Moham did
Why can't you just say it? Izz-A-Lem