Thursday, August 28, 2008

Islam's Role in Black Slavery Past and Present

One of the best if not the best historical narrations of slavery.

Take a look at this video

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Quote of the Day

"In my opinion, old men who want to marry girls at the age of their granddaughters are mentally sick and need psychological treatment," Nourah al-Khereiji, a columnist in the English language daily, Arab News, wrote at the weekend.

(This comment was made regarding a court case in Saudi Arabia preparing to hear a plea for divorce from an eight-year-old girl whose husband is a half a century older.)

It is possible if Mohammad would have been afforded such treatment in the 7th century perhaps today these older men would be thinking of adoption not sexual relations with young children.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taqiyyah: I'll have mine with lettuce and tomatoes

I find even the definition of taqiyyah as 'holy deception' an insult to civilization, religion and simple human intelligence. If you are not familiar with this tactic, it is basically a Koranic sanction to lie in order to gain domination. For a basic basic understanding, read any book by Robert Spencer, Ali Sina, Andrew Bostom, or one of the many anti-jihadist blogs, like most of Mohammad's ideas, the concept is not complex. But the meaning 'holy deception' can cause confusion so I prefer both the western pronunciation of taqiyyah as 'taco yippee' and the rational definition of the concept as falsely sanctioned deceptive speech from an inferior culture or belief system in order to gain temporary dominance over a superior system. Obviously the truth would not bring about that domination and that would not serve the interests of the 'ummah', defined as the entire Islamic community. The western pronunciation is 'Oh Mama' and defined as the whole Islamic enchilada. (Apparently all Islamic terms Westerners should learn in order to protect themselves from this cult can be found on a Mexican menu.)

Now addressing the 'holy' aspect of deception, it is asked over and over again, why would a holy, almighty God need to use deception to subdue his creation. The answer is always the same, He wouldn't. The concept itself is an insult. I would like to humorously conclude that it especially insults lovers of Latino food but taqiyyah (again 'taco yippee') becomes quite serious and detrimental to it's uneducated recipients, most of us. So there is nothing holy about the deception, it's just a necessary tool for naricists past and present.

Bin Laden would come to South America in the mid-nineties but he had reassured his host, the President Fujimori of Peru, that he would only target white interests in South America. This was the reported racial phrase Bin Laden had used and I could never understand why he would use that term. The day after 9/11 a small bomb exploded outside an American franchised restaurant in Rio Vermelho, Brazil. More than likely you have not heard of this but it was in our neighborhood. It was just a local zealot, no one was killed. Yet then I couldn't help think of six months before 9/11 when Brazil's largest off shore oil platform sunk. Of course after 9/11 I was very paranoid and began to question if any of this was related. I read a report that the cause was most likely a mechanical failure so I was wrong, wasn't I? I can't completely shake my doubts. Even now this story, the timing of the incident, the 3 explosions that ripped through the rig killing 10 workers begs the question was Bin Laden practicing taqiyyah with Fujimori? Whether or not the sinking of the rig had anything to do with Al Qaeda, I think he was.

A clearer and more well known example is when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared to his Islamic compatriots that Israel would be wiped off the map, his general even declared they had a implementable plan to destroy both Israel and the United States. You have to believe him as it would not be proper to lie to his fellow cultists. Yet when Ahmadinejad constantly tells the potential victims they are not building nuclear weapons, nearly everyone believes he is being true to the concept of taqiyyah.

At least as important if not more, is the day to day use of taqiyyah by regular practicing Muslims.

Monday, August 18, 2008

August 15th Weekend Celebration. National Holiday?

Another holiday has come and gone but the joy remains. It is not yet celebrated by many people in the free world, yet that too is changing. August 15, 718 the Muslims were repulsed from the siege of Constantinople, thus sparing Europe from the Islamic invaders and unquestionably saving Western Culture. It is a fantastic story that all Westerners and freedom loving Muslims should delight in. In importance to our culture, few events rival this historical event. The next August 15th, take time to celebrate your freedom. Many of our holidays are a celebration of freedom. Christmas, Christ's birth, freedom from sin. Easter, Christ's resurrection, freedom from death. The 4th of July, the freedom of national independence. August 15th, the saving of Western Culture from Islamic enslavement. Enemies are planning to take these freedoms away, celebrate and cherish the freedom. As Wafa Sultan has said, this is not a clash of cultures, it is a clash between civilization and barbarianism.

Why is freedom so important? Here is what Mark Twain said: "When I, a thoughtful and unbiased Presbyterian, examined the Koran, I knew that beyond any question every Mohammedan is insane, not in all things, but in religious matters.... I cannot prove to him that he is insane, because you never can prove anything to a lunatic — for that is a part of his insanity and the evidence of it." Mark Twain had as much criticism of all aspects of Western Culture and we celebrate that also. Self-criticism has never been our weakness, it is our strength. we are free to do it. As the joke goes, a man says to his middle eastern acquaintance, here in the West we can criticise our religion and our politicians as much as we like. Yes it is the same in Dar al-Islam, under Islamic law we too can criticise your religion and politicians as much as we like.

Thank God you are not forced to mechanically bow 5 times a day toward a black stone in Mecca.

Thank God you do not live by the rules of a mentally disturb narcissist.

Thank God for the spiritual freedom given through Christ and thank God for the secular freedoms passed down to us through the sacrifice of the Western patriots.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sadly Another Daughter is Savagely Killed

Here is an example of stories that we hear about everyday. They are of crimes and actions not understandable to most people unless one has studied and faced off with the darkness of Islam and the present understanding it’s only prophet's sicknesses. Western followers of this cultist can no longer make excuses, deny or look to reform Islam. They are Muslims because they were born Muslims and/or forced to became Muslims, not through their own decision Western culture has shown them the vileness of it's teachings and they have been given the freedom and opportunity to question. As Jesus Christ stated, to whom much is given, much is expected. Much more is expected of western Muslims, they need to come clean and oppose Mohammad's teachings and the robotic actions of those that call themselves Muslims.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Kübler-Ross Model

I'm not an expert of the model of the 5 stages of dying but I do recognize the cult of Islam is dying. Some of the believers having now lived in a free society in the West have come to realize the problem with Islam is not only fanaticism and radicalism but the true sickness lies with mainstream Islam. It is a sickness and it is dying. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Some believe the system can and must be reformed. Those that do believe this know the illness is terminal. They are past the stage of denial and transitioning from anger to the bargaining stage of the model. Removing infected vital organs from the body seems hopeful and even noble but the infection has spread and the patient still dies. The illness is far beyond what the reformers recognize, it is not just the unquestioning mindlessness and the oppression of women and religious minorities.

Reforming suggests a religion gone astray. Reformers of the past (and present) suggested a purer form of Islam. Islam not working? We need more Islam, more control, bring in the Taliban, more lashes, more stoning, more control of the women, Islam must rule over all they say, a closer following of the precepts that cause the illness. Drain the blood of the sick. It doesn't work. It is well beyond the above mentioned inequities, it is a recognition, little by little that the cult was founded on delusion, of one man and there lies the problem.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Understanding the Temporary Growth Of Cultural Islam

Islam historically has spread by two methods: conquest (forcible) and birth. There is little appeal in reason or faith for anyone to turn to Islam otherwise. Mohammed's early years of preaching netted him few converts, but once he changed his method the growth began. Today without the use of both methods, Islam would die off even quicker that what is inevitable.

Today territories are Islamitized through attrition and migration or outright conquest such as Turkey's ethnic cleansing and annexation of Northern Cyrus, nothing has changed.

In other countries you must be a muslim, no other choice, you are born, you are muslim. In the Republic of Maldives being muslim is required for citizenship. Its not a matter of choice. As muslim writer Irshad Manji wrote in her ongoing attempt to reform Islam, "most of us muslims aren't muslims because we think about it, but rather because we were born that way."

Most of the migration to the West continues for the same reason as always, to find a better life. Jozef Grzywaczewski in the Catholic Weekly writes, "In Europe a Muslim declares to have one wife but his ‘cousins’ live with him. When they have children they receive benefits for each child as single mothers; their benefits are higher than the benefits for married mothers. Therefore, it is not a problem to earn a living for a family with about 20 children." So again, growth by birth and through deceitful if not criminal disregard for spirit of the law.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Phokas Solution

Since shortly after Mohammed began lusting after baby girls, some of the people who bow 5 times a day toward Mecca have had their eyes on Cyprus. Greek Emperor Nikephoras Phokas put an end to a 300 year attempt by those people by expelling the raiders from Cyprus and Asia Minor in 965. In 1974 Turkey, a country dominated by people who bow toward a stone, invaded Cyprus and have occupied over 36% of this historic island, annihilating the Hellenic and Christian local culture, turning historic churches into stables and urinals, or worse, meeting centers for the stone bowers, driving out the local populations, killing many and colonizing the illegally occupied area with 160,000 Islamic immigrants, Turkifying towns and places and ignoring a virtual record number of UN condemning resolutions. Unfortunately Cyprus looked to the UN for justice and relief so understandably little had been done. EU stick and carrot has done little...except perhaps to stall Turkey's accession to the EU, which grants some relief to sane Europeans. Turkey spends its efforts on PR programs of denial. The talk now is unification but history has shown the long term solution for Cyprus is expulsion.