Friday, June 27, 2008

Helping the Victims of Islam

If it is too much at this point for the victims of islam (the followers & others) to face evidence of their leader's mental illness, perhaps it may be best to start with an obvious and interesting physical disorder, acromegaly. In his book Understanding Mohammad, A Psychobiography , Ali Sina gives clear evidence using descriptions in the islamic writings of Mohammad and his associates that he had obvious symptoms of acromegaly. Why is that important? An example is it may better explain Mohammad's prohibition against the recording of his image. How is this relevant today? Since Danish newspapers have printed simple, humorous caricatures of Mohammad, besides the riots and deaths, entire nations are attempting to punish all Danes. This irrational action stems from an narcissistic individual attempting to hide his physical deformities from the people 1400 years ago. Teach muslims and others about acromegaly. If they possess a basic practicing knowledge of the koran and hadiths, over time the connection may seep in.

Once this is understood, the next step is to understand his mental disorders. I would postulate that no news story coming from areas and countries presently called islamic, can ever be understood without understanding Mohammad's mental illness. Learn about these disorders and a much fuller understanding of these events will occur. An example of one today's most read stories about the Baghdad walls. Understand the mental disorders that inflicted the leader to understand the ills of the followers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Faith Freedom $50000 Challenge

Ali Sina's Challenge from the FaithFreedom Website:

If you do not like this site and want me to remove it, instead of acting as a bully or as a victim, disprove my charges against Muhammad logically. Not only will I remove the site, I will publicly announce that Islam is a true religion. I will also pay
$50,000 U.S. dollars
to anyone who can disprove any of the dozen of the accusations that I have made against Muhammad. I accuse Muhammad of being:
a narcissist
a misogynist
a rapist
a pedophile
a lecher
a torturer
a mass murderer
a cult leader
an assassin
a terrorist
a mad man
a looter

I don't believe Sina's challenge is to provoke muslims, it is meant to help them and others. In my opinion, it's not done out of hate but pity. Once a person understands their leader who they emulate was inflicted by multiple mental disorders, perhaps they can change their own behaviours. PraiaFlamengo

Take the challenge

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Association of 56 Islamic States Promoting Muslim Solidarity in Economic, Social, and Political Affairs

So it goes according to the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC). Is deception within this group so institutionalized that they can not even be truthful with their opening line? 56 Islamic states? Now the people of Suriname, the small South American country that borders my beloved Brazil will be quite surprised to be informed they are living in an Islamic State! The OIC basis for an Islamic state is a small muslim population reported to be enough people to almost fill American football stadium? The same thing could be said of the Brazilians who live in Suriname so perhaps Brazilia should claim Suriname their 27th state. But instead they will leave that reasoning to the global expansionist. So what is next for the OIC, since they have Suriname wrapped up? How about declaring the entire South American continent islamic and move on to the next one.... Antarctica? The former Portuguese colony Mozambique, especially it's Christian majority, will also be surprised to hear that according to the OIC, they too are now members of an Islamic state.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The OIC Push

Islam must face it's detractors and critics. To hide in the obscurity of denial in light of it's flagrant and obvious failures of it's religious dogma, historical and present social and political practices and cultures will not spare it from it's own undoing. It must run from, hide from, deny what it deems as insults or it must fight to destroy its critics. It's critics within and without will never be silenced.
This is why the OIC's attempt must be beaten at 4 levels:
1. The official level of all counties especially in those countries that are temporally called Islamic.

2. At the level of international organizations such as the UN, specifically the NGO's and faith based organizations.

3. Academic, think tank, religious institutions and research centers.

4. The growing anti-jihad community.

Freedom of speech and holding Islam responsible for the consequences of it's own teachings will continue and flourish.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Islam Stalled

The adherent's hopes and plans for world supremacy are dying like a bled out lamb. The historical record of Mohammad, his actions exposed, can no longer be even hid from its practitioners. Excuses no longer hold up. Duality of the Islamic argument is the white elephant in the room that few people now seriously ignore or take serious, the duality argument rolls eyes. OK, we heard the irrational reason, what else do you have? Just how much momentum can fear have? Enjoy your deceit, only you are fooled by it. Oh...and yes, there is one God.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Unthinkable? Its Time for Islamic Countries to Discuss Scraping Islam

Blaming others
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Farooq Sulehria

The Amnesty International report on human rights for the year 2007 is out. The Muslim world constitutes, as usual, bleakest chapter. Every single country across the Muslim world has been pointed out by the Amnesty International either for executions and torture or discrimination against women and ethnic and religious minorities. Punishments never handed down even during the Stone Age, have been awarded in 21st century Muslim world. In one case, two Saudi nationals were awarded 7,000 lashes. Yes, 7,000. And executions? Well, 335 in Iran, 158 in Saudi Arabia and 135 in Pakistan. Violation of human rights, it seems, is the only thing that unites the otherwise divided Muslim world. (The International News, Pakistan)

Psalms 127:1, "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain."

Monday, June 16, 2008

Algeria: Advancing Desert, Retreating Agriculture, Increase in Consumption*

According to a recent Memri dispatch, "The recurring violations of liberties [in Algeria] have lately reached an intolerable level." Be aware of the what is happening to Christians in our time. As Christ said during his execution: “If they do these things in the Green Wood, what will they do in the Dry?” (Luke 23:31)

*El-Watan (Algeria) June 16, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Violent Persecution of Christianity by Mohammedists

Here is a thoughtful essay recently released by Robert Spencer. Muslim Persecution of Christians

Its time consuming but worthwhile for you to acquire a base of knowledge of the ongoing religious cleansing of the Christians in formally predominant Christian counties of the middle east such as Iraq, Turkey and Egypt. We will be hearing much more shortly from other media sources.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

British Government Forced the End of Arab Slave Trade

Malaysian president Abdullah Badawi calls for British Muslims to live under sharia law
By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Religious Affairs Correspondent, In Kuala Lumpur
Last Updated: 5:58PM BST 09/06/2008

Muslim extremism in Britain will grow unless the Government and society learn to understand Islam, Malaysia's prime minister has warned.

Abdullah Badawi claimed that the legacy of Britain's imperial past has hampered its ability to appreciate its Islamic population.
In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, the prime minister urged Gordon Brown to allow the country's Muslims to live under sharia law, but also said that they must prove their worth to society.
His comments are set to fuel the debate over the role of Islam in Britain following the Church of England's attack on the Government for already giving more attention to Muslims than Christians.

A report, commissioned by the Church and published today, accuses ministers of paying only "lip service" to Christianity and marginalising the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches, while focusing "intently" on Islam.
However, Mr Abdullah argues that the Government must do more to ensure Muslims don't feel discriminated against if it is to tackle the rise of radicalism.
"The failure to understand Muslims is driving a divide between the communities," he said.
"Gordon Brown must encourage a better understanding because Britain must appreciate its Muslims."
Mr Abdullah argued that Britain needs to come to terms with being home to immigrants from countries that it used to rule over.
"The British Empire expanded in Asia, everywhere, throughout the Muslim land, through the land of Hindus and the land of Buddhists.
"When they were ruling it was different because they wanted it to be peaceful and to keep it peaceful they had to use diplomacy.
"Now maybe the Government thinks they can forget it. It doesn't matter."
He said that Muslims in Britain were more likely to be radicalised because they feel ignored rather than due to religious reasons.
"Is it because of poverty, social unrest, deprivation, feeling discriminated against, thinking people don't care much because of the
colour of their skin. The could make them to decide to be extremist, not necessarily because of his religion."
Mr Abdullah, who was talking on the eve of a landmark summit of world leaders, echoed the calls of the Archbishop of Canterbury earlier this year for Muslims to be able to live under sharia law.
"They should abide by the law of the land, but they should also be able to follow their religious observances and beliefs, to express their duty to God.."
The conference on the Muslim world and the West, "Bridging the Gap",
begins today with political and religious leaders encouraging a greater
commitment to solving the roots of the divisions.
The Malaysian Prime Minister acknowledged that Muslims must also play their part in proving their value as immigrants.
"If they want to be respected then they must do something for the community," he said.
"They must not be a liability. They have to be an asset."

Estimated deaths from Arab/Muslin Slave Trade is 112,000,000

Buy Danish Cheese!

This story was just emailed to me:
Tuesday, 10th June 2008 - 13:22CET
Libya bars Denmark from big projects
Libya has excluded Danish companies from an infrastructure redevelopment plan worth 150 billion dinars ($126.5 billion) in protest at cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish newspapers, the government said.
The economy and trade ministry moved to enforce a boycott of goods from Denmark, implementing a cabinet decision taken last week, the government said in a statement printed in Libyan newspapers on Tuesday.
"The boycott will exclude medicines but will extend to banning Danish companies from taking part in Libya's 150 billion dinar, five-year development programme," it said.
The government did not provide figures for the value of Libyan-Danish bilateral trade but economy experts said it was worth several million U.S. dollars and included products such as soft drinks and cheeses.
Western countries are lobbying hard for lucrative contracts to upgrade Libyan infrastructure laid low by years of economic sanctions.
The energy-rich North African country wants to modernise water and sanitation facilities and build airports, schools and houses.
The controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet were first published in 2005 but gained little attention until they were reprinted outside Denmark, sparking protests across the Muslim world in which dozens of people were killed.