Saturday, November 7, 2009

Islam Now the Victim of the Fort Hood Massacre?

Coverage: the question is constantly asked, Why? Why? Why? No one who has read Ali Sina, Robert Spencer or many others asks this question. Instead they stand, watching others groping around as if in a dark room, hands stretched out asking why, why, why while somehow blocking out the constant reminder that the room is well lit and to simply open their eyes.

The families of the true victims, the killed and wounded, who received the life destroying, life shortening knock at the door or "the call", the blow to the stomach that some will recover from and others won't, the kids of a dead mom, parents, brothers & sisters, friends, who have received "the knock at the door' or "the call" are also the true victims.

It is of no commendation for those who practice Blackstonianism to denounce acts of mass murder, after all Koran 9:111 guarantees paradise to those who are kill or are killed for Allah. This community must institute in every mosque and every school the error of these Koranic teachings instead of claiming victimhood.

Koranic veres not only explain violence toward other people but also explain Islamic cohesion and that cohesion can be reduced to one word: Fear. Fear of hell, fear of burning, fear of punishment is the entire basis of Blackstonianism.

This fear surrounds the Muslim, in a sense like a ring a fire leaving no path of escape except to walk into the flames of their own fear and if and when that happens, they discover the fear (flames) was all an illusion.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iranian Change? Throw Away the Meccan Compass

At best this is one form of Islam replacing another, a temporary modification or moderation means nothing as Islamic controlled states tend to eventually revert back to their feral state when troubles come, and they will. Islam is a non-reformable political ideology. How would you reform communism? The growing voices within Iran to listen to are those that wish to drive Islam out of Persian society altogether.

Iranians are the historical victims of conquest and the Islamic/Arabic conquest has brought nothing good. Support those who want to free themselves and their nation from Islamic control.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Notes on Brunei

Brunei Pronouced bru-'nai, check the CIA Factbook or Wikipedia for a few quick facts, then consider that Brunei owes its prosperity and wealth nearly exclusively as an energy supplier to the industrial nations and that need for inexpensive and abundant energy. Thus, this small Islamic controlled country and member of the Organization of Islamic Conferences (OIC) situated along the coast of the South China Sea and ruled by one family for over 600 years has sold the vestiges of this present earth’s ancestors; the remains of the dead bodies of once living organisms. Morphed over time into a substance containing the past energy of the sun that we call oil.

John, a disciple of Jesus Christ the Son of God, recorded a vision he had while on a Greek Island several thousand years ago. Just after he saw what could be the first Islamic beast rise from sea he saw what could be a second Islamic beast rise from the earth. Why the earth as a symbol? Oil. Oil gave life to the beast. In books and websites about tiny, wealthy, prosperous, peaceful Brunei the great mosques are showcased, built from the wealth of oil. Majestic it could be said. Certainly they are the largest and tallest of the buildings which infers to its subjects and supposedly to others, the supremacy of Islam. In reality it was the vestiges of the bodies of the earth’s past life forms that have been resurrected by rig and pump that brought the wealth and the resurgence of modern Islam, that second lamb-like dragon-speaking beast of John’s vision.

In the 1400’s the introduction of Islam to Brunei was due to trade inducements rather than the sword and has been propagated by an unbroken string of 29 sultans. The state is controlled by political Islam, a sharia based system that the muslim inhabitants called Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB). Though its constitution does lip service to freedom of religion at best, Brunei merely allows the Christian religion and Chinese ideologies to exist in a tightly controlled fashion. Beliefs other than the state controlled system, cannot be taught in any school, nor spoken about in public. Christian schools must teach anti-Christian Islam. Religious symbols are illegal except for state controlled Islamic symbols.

An example of one such symbol is the national flag. As with other Islamic controlled states the flag contains Arab script and the crescent moon. From a Christian viewpoint the crescent is a very appropriate symbol for Islam. The first chapter of Genesis tells how God created two lights, greater light was the sun that ruled the day, and the lessor was the moon that ruled the night. This waning crescent is not a true light in itself but a reflection of the sun off a cold, lifeless rock; the light that rules the night. A waning crescent whose next phase is a moonless night of darkness. Now the flags of the armed forces for Brunei contain Islam’s other symbol, the crossed swords, which symbolizes violence, conquest, death and forced rule.

As the state continues to move forward with its philosophy of a purer Islam and when oil incomes and wealth begin to wane like the crescent moon, pray for those remaining Christians and Chinese. As in other Islamic controlled nations, they may become scapegoats and dealt with harshly by a populace carried along by the ever-darkening momentum force of seeking a purer Islam.

The government assists muslim subjects financially for trips to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Before starting this trip the participants need to repeat a specific prayer to their god. For Christians it should be noted that the chant contains what amounts to be a distortion of and denial of the deity of Christ: Thou art without associate. The Islamic beast forces this denial and the Brunei muslim using that specific prayer called the talbrijah, unknowingly rejects the mercy, grace and love of God. After entering the mosque in Mecca (right foot first) they then ask for their god to forgive their sins.

Several organizations online ask for your prayer regarding Brunei and if you are interested take the time to pray. Here are some suggested guidelines. Bring a few fish or a few loaves to the Lord, or find a smooth stone, who can say what may be the result!

This is an opinion piece and I am not affiliated with any of the linked sites.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Prelude to a Study of Islamic Controlled Counties

Many years ago, after I read the story of how Jesus Christ sent a legion of demons into a herd of swine, the swine ran down a slope into the sea and drowned, my question was, what happen to this legion of demons and why were the details of this story even recorded in the Bible? (Mark 5:11)

John in Revelations writes, "Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising out of the sea." (Rev. 13:1) My understanding has been that the sea symbolized people or nations but perhaps there is a spiritual connection to both verses. Traditionally the beast rising out of the sea had been interpreted as some western entity, Europe some say. Other Eastern Christians see the Islamic beast and the wounded head the defeat of the Ottoman Empire and with this others see the wound as the end of Islamic Caliph cerca 1913. The wounded head is healed and Islam resurges. Afterwards John sees a beast rise out of the earth. Out of the earth? What did that symbolize? Oil related? This next beast is like a lamb, symbolizing a peaceful religion, Islam ‘lite’, the new secular Islam, but it "speaks like a dragon". Islam’s resurgence is from oil wealth, "out of the earth". This lamb has two horns, sunni and shiite? Eastern Islam and Western Islam?

Read Revelation 13 regarding the two beasts, the image that is given life (the Koran?) and understand the Christian’s dilemma in muslim controlled countries. Egypt and Brunei come to mind immediately with their ID cards that states the holder’s religion. The mark of the beast is a subject for another day and blog but consider the Greek letters that symbolized six hundred sixty and six certainly to an Arabic reader do appear to be read "in the name of Allah", the bismillah followed by the Islamic symbol of crossed swords. This is detailed in Walid Shoebat’s book God’ Was on Terror. But I will go just a little further with that connection later. Shoebat points out that these symbols, the bismillah and crossed swords are worn on Islamic headbands and armbands. As I study further each individually muslim controlled country, I’ll mention the symbols on flags and other cultural icons. I do not use the term muslim countries, as Islam and its control is temporary. This tenet of faith is reinforced by continuing to follow the beast thread in Revelations. Read it yourself and see the future and end of Islam.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Was the founder of Islam a war criminal?

Though Islam is promoted by it's members and pundits to the uninitiated as simply a religion, questionable messages from group members such as number of members that follow this ideology, are in fact political statements. The discussion of religion is endless between the the West and Islam, and continually confusing to ordinary people yet it should be argued that ideologically everything religious about Islam is summed up in one thought stated around 40-50 AD many centuries before Islam was developed: You believe in one God, that's great! So do demons and they tremble. Aside from this and the pre-Islamic Arab traditions and rituals subsequently incorporated along with the personal idiosyncrasies of the founder(s) that were progressively added to help flesh out an adopted creed, it should be argued there is little religious substance within this political system to speak of. So it is necessary to ask many thoughtful questions regarding the politics of Islam, without bringing up the subject of Islam's religious aspect. For example, from a political point of view, though the founder of Islam did not engage in battles against armies but instead raids against commercial caravans and civilian populations, to say that the founder was engaged in war is true and thus the actions should be judged in a political sense using historical and modern criteria.

The religious aspect of Islam can be seen as a veneer and thus instead be regarded as a political system. It is and always was a political movement so Americans need to ask questions like, do we believe political groups such as Islam should be free and unrestricted within the USA in their implied and stated political goal of dominating all other non-members individuals and groups? If you doubt Islam's religious aspect is only a thin covering for a political/power system, consider the following statistical study here. Only 2.6% of the Koran "talks about the overall good of humanity", while the majoring of Koran (61%) speaks "ills of unbelievers or calls for their violent conquest and subjugation".

Other questions might be, do Americans believe it is moral for members of political organizations such as Islam to deceive non-members if it is in the best interest to the growth of their organization and to retain such practices within their founding documents? Do Americans believe political groups such as Islam should retain and have the right to practice, display, spread or advocate violent, oppressive, hateful and bigoted articles written in their founding documents?
Again, one god, lots of rituals, adopted tenets; got it, ignored, now deal with this political movement and its messages and actions.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Westerner's Guide to Muslim Psychology

2006 Article by Isaac Schrodinger 2006

Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman By Andre Servier 1222 (Translated 1923 to English: Free Online)

The Arab Mind by Raphael Patai 2007 (Originally Published in 1983) Cultural Psychology

Understanding Muhammad by Ali Sina 2008
"Muslims must be weaned from Islam for humanity to live in peace," says Ali Sina

The Sociology of Jihad, How Rational People Commit Atrocities Political Islam Site, Dr. Bill Warner 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rowan Laxton Reschedules Geert Wilder’s Airport Pickup

Senior British Diplomat Rowan Laxton has sent a written apology to Dutch MP Geert Wilders this morning stating that British Law forbad him to meet Wilders at Heathrow Airport this week. Recently after a series of anti-Jewish outbursts, a complaint was later filed to police and Laxton was arrested and charged with inciting religious hatred, which carries a maximum seven-year prison term. It was reported he shouted that IDF soldiers should be "wiped off the face of the Earth."

Mr. Wilders who was due to go to London this Thursday by invitation of the House of Lords, received a letter today, 10 February, from the British ambassador to the Netherlands telling him that he was not welcome in Great Britain, reportedly because his visit would constitute a threat to public order.

“Geert and I have a lot in common,” Laxton mused after his recent bail out, “ I’m told that in his movie Fitna he quotes Muslims and sacred texts saying the same things that I have allegedly said and for that he was also arrested in the Netherlands. Meeting him would have been brotherly, we would have had much to discuss in our mutual struggle for freedom of speech. sarc off 2/13/2009 Update Text of Geert Wilder's proposed speech had he not been banned from UK yesterday. Please read.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dutch Poll: Should Geert Wilders be Prosecuted? 85% No

A Dutch Appeals court recently ordered the prosecution of Geert Wilders head of the Dutch Freedom Party for creating a short film called Fitna. How do the Dutch feel?

According to one Dutch blogger a recent poll indicated that 51% of the respondents were in agreement with the statement, "the Court made an unacceptable breach of the position of a MP representing more than half a million Dutch voters".

Another poll asked a simple and direct question: Moet Wilders vervolgd worden? 84.5% of the respondents said no.

For background of this story, check out this Dutch blogger.

Here is a comment regarding the poll from Snouck from the Netherlands regarding this poll:

Xeriscapist -The Geenstijl poll that you mention is not representative for the Dutch population but for the readers of Geenstijl. Right-wingers and Freedom-lovers are overrepresented amongst readers of Geenstijl.As you can read in the rest of the Geenstijl article they are casting doubt on the accuracy of internet polls. They also mention the TNS NIPO poll which polls a more Leftwing oriented group. They show 51 percent approval for prosecuting Geert Wilders for inciting hatred against Islam.Geenstijl further seems to imply that the people who are polled by peilpunt, the poll that I used as the basis of my article, are more of the Left than of the Right.My conclusions:-all the polls are problematic.-both NPS NIPO and peilpunt poll amongst a group that is more Leftist oriented than the general population-so the support for Geert Wilders is actually even bigger than the my peilpunt-poll indicates. Support for Wilders is HIGHER amongst the general voting population than 50 percent.And finally: Even amongst the Leftist TNS NIPO poll there is only 51 percent approval for the prosecution of Geert Wilders. That is a narrow majority. I think that Geert Wilders stands a lot to win and the Government and the Court stands a lot to lose in the coming legal battle.Regards,Snouck

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Employers in Jordan Try to Force Filipino Women to Convert to Islam. Women say, NO!

AMMAN, Jordan AP – Forty narrow mattresses line the carpeted floor of the basement at the Philippines Embassy, a damp and dimly lighted room where 20 women have sought refuge from abusive employers.
The room is one of two shelters run by the embassy for Philippines citizens in Jordan — a country that human rights groups accuse of not doing enough to protect about 500,000 foreigners, including 30,000 Filipinos, who are here working as maids and servants or in construction.
Jordan, like other Middle East countries, offers little legal protection for foreign workers, forcing governments like that of the Philippines to operate shelters. Many of the victims are women who accuse their employers of beating them, refusing to pay wages and forcing them to convert to Islam. Full Story: AP Story by JAMAL HALABY

Last November an Egyptian Islamistic spokesman "invited" President Obama to convert to the cult, promising him "honor and glory" if he would. If not, violence. The Filipino maids resisted and overcame the same patterned threats while living under the conditions of harsh servitude. Looking only to provide a living for themselves and their poor families, these working women have displayed a noble example for free people faced with Islamic supremacy, totalitarianism and threats. Xeriscapist Editior

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Hamas, Hamas, Joden aan het gas'

"Hamas, Hamas, gas the Jews"

The words themselves need no commentary. When after it was introduced in the Netherlands by the recent immigrants, it was picked up as a soccer chant, one group of Dutch fans chanting the genocidal credo while another team of fans wave Israeli flags. From there it began to be used in Dutch prisons, one set of prisoners against another and now to the streets where crowds marching behind a Dutch MP call for the extermination of a people and a nation state, something we find common and even expect from the various Blackstonian cultures of the mideast. You may want your minute and a half back after watching this.

Reaction for many of the Dutch to this video and the actions of this MP is this:

Palestina heeft mijn sympathie verloren.*
*Palistine has lost my sympathy

1/7/2009 Update: Pro-Israeli, Anti-Jihadist Rallies in the USA and London