Saturday, December 27, 2008

World Marvels at Israeli Restraint

Not reported in most of the world’s major media outlets is Saturday’s reaction throughout the internet of Israel’s response to several hundred rocket attacks by the terrorist group Hamas.

"I never realized how many "educated people" both in the US and around the world have no clue about Israel and think only the worst about the Jews in the Middle East."

"Where were Egypt, Russia, OIC, EU, Britain, Sarkozy, US & Austria when Hamas was pounding Israel with daily barrage of rockets?"

"Most people around the world are supporting the Israeli government for protecting their citizens against the deadly terrorist organization Hamas and their rockets."

"As long as Israel's democracy and protection of its people are intact, it will always be a nation that epitomizes a great civilization."

"because the Jews of Israel are no longer behaving like dhimmis, unresponsively cowering beneath the threats and blows of the arrogant swaggering snarling Muslim supremacists, but are...oh, shock! horrors! - HITTING BACK AND DEFENDING THEMSELVES, as do free human beings."

"The pretense that everyone wants peace is belied by the words of the Hamas leadership in Gaza."

" ‘U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for an "immediate halt to all violence.’
Did I miss this plea when Hamas was firing rockets into Isreal the other day? Must have missed that story."

"Had Islamic terrorists such as Hamas attacked any other country or state over the last two months (214 rockets), the action would not have been as restrained or delayed."

Update 12/29 Israeli War Primer

Friday, December 26, 2008

Saudi Arabia: New Labor Law does not ban Gender Mixing in the Workplace, Instead it Bans Gender Mixing in the Workplace. Details:

A Saudi Arabian labor minister denied (story has been removed from Arab News service) that the new labor law bans the mixing of genders in the workplace. Instead it allows women to work in sales jobs in all women's only stores where naturally men are banned. So to not be confused, no Saudi Arabia is not allowing men and women to mix.

In an unrelated story, Saudi Arabia has recently ask the nations of the world to ban together to fight terrorism. In my very humble opinion, getting to the root cause of terrorism, the Islamic teachings of jihad and supremacy will most certainly not headline the minister's "things to do list." But lets dance around with the story anyhow. Remembering Sandra Mackey's book, The Saudis, (often and incorrectly viewed as outdated) I could conclude these type of gestures are more often than not followed by little action. However the Saudis are not chasing their collective tail either and now at this stage have more to lose than to gain. Can they stop a movement that in a sense they began? But the real issue is not terrorism. For them isn't it what is or is not beneficial for Islam? For free people, not under the yoke of the teachings and life of a false "prophet", isn't the issue really a question of continuing freedom of thought, speech and belief? Isn't that a much more important consideration than whether or not the Saudis can help stamp out Islamic terrorism?

Saudi Court: 8 Year Old Married Girl too Young to Divorce 12/21/08

Saturday, December 6, 2008

University Of Minnesota Extension Advises Minnesotan Muslims to Buy Only From Halal Meat Shops.

And what about those who have come to the USA fleeing Islamic rule, culture and Sharia Law?

The University of Minnesota Extension's attitude?

Wafa Sultan, an immigrant from Syria worries that the oppression she had escaped is now following her to America.

Much of the advice the Extension given to newly arrived and established Somali immigrants is typical advice identical to what they distribute to English speaking Americans: Eat less sugar, exercise, tips on childcare, oral hygiene. But the Extension also informs citizens that the Koran only permits the eating of halal meat and meat should only be purchased from halal meat shops. Isn't it then easy to conclude that the shops must be Muslim owned? if not.

In the Somali language the extension recommends:

Balse, isku taxaluji in aad hilibkaaga ka soo iibsatid Xalaal Meet. Xataa hadaad dukaanka wayn cunada qaar ka soo iibsatid. (Even if you shop at large stores for some food, try to buy all meat from a Halal meat store.)

I am certain Minnesota farmers, food producers and retailers who are paying to have this advice distributed would not approve the use of their taxes to steer people away from their products or by innuendo suggest their products are inferior. I doubt few would support the use of their tax money to spread Mohammad's dictates through the Extension System.

So I would suggest to the University of Minnesota Extension stop making thiesereferences to the Koran and suggestions to people to only eat hatal meat and only buy from hatal shops or 1.) reference this advice with scientific studies or 2.) include views of other religions such as this.

Understand that many new immigrants no longer want to continue to be oppressed by Islamic law, as now propagated by the University of Minnesota.