Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Joys of Being Free of Islam

Inspiration from the growing movement to Free Iran of Islam has added a new level of appreciation for and awareness of a freedom that most people enjoy, freedom from Blackstonianism. Everyday we are faced with news stories and of Mohammadans persecuting Christians, women, non-cult members and themselves. It is hard not to share the victim’s pain and this empathy of course will never change. But to wake up each day and be Blackstonian free gives a great sense of personal joy. To end each day with a calm sense of this freedom adds to this joy.

Free from the angry ravings of Mohammad & Mohammadans,
Free from ramadan,
Free from animal sacrifice,
Free from the headcoverings,
Freedom from blackstonian duplicity,
Freedom of thought and conscience,
Freedom from the sin of Islam,
Free from Islamic historical propaganda,
Free of mosques,
Free of imams,
Free of the koran,
Free of Muhammad’s biography,
Free of the old raider’s sayings,
Free of the moon god’s observances & traditions,
Freedom to test the Truth,
Freedom to live a godly life,
Freedom from the backwardness of Islamic controlled societies,
Freedom to seek God

The Mohammadan strife against people will continue, I suppose, until its inevitable decline and demise, but the joy will always continue.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alpha Arae Reasoning of Blackstonianism

Every word of the Koran came from the mouth of Mohammad. Blackstonians never attribute any of the words of the Koran to any other human being, though historically this is arguably in doubt. But assume for now this is true. If so, each word came to his mouth from his mind. The only reference that these words came from the Blackstonian version of the Biblical Angel Gabriel was Mohammad. The only testimony that the words given to Mohammad from the Blackstonian version of the Biblical Angel  Gabriel came from the Arabic god Allah was Mohammad. All the words of the Koran praising Mohammad, exhortations to follow his example, all the commands to obey Mohammad, and thus obeying the god Allah was from the mind of Mohammad. The debate of where Mohammad's mind obtained the words, from the Blackstonian angel Jibril who does not appear in actions anything like the Biblical Gabriel , from the devil or a demon, from his own experiences, observations, scrambled within a complex abnormal brain and spat out distorted from seizures , cave gas , congenital, or acquired mental and physical disorders, or a combination of or all of the above, that debate will continue unresolved. But it remains, the words came from his mind. And thus was created and remains, Blackstonian Circle of Reasoning that has and will entraps and enslaves every Mohammadan.

In any discussion with a Blackstonian, any debate or discourse, The Mohammadan cannot rid himself from this reasoning. Knowing this they will search for other proofs but all within the confines of what came from Mohammad's mind/mouth. Often now they will give fallacious and at times humorous explanations of science within the Koran, the words from Mohammad's mouth.   Or the shop-worn statement of how such a book could not have been written by man (words from Mohammad's mouth), and by the way, yes it could have. I'll refer you to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, a book with as much science as the Koran, without grammatical error, free of contradictions and certainly more uplifting. In fact I challenge anyone to find one contradiction in the entire novel, just one scientific error. Each and every word came from the mind of Samuel Clemens.

To avoid facing this one steadfast fact of their flawed reasoning, Blackstonians need to keep speaking in circles, deceive others and themselves, faster and faster the spin, while changing the subject and pointing to others, pushing forward as if hoping to reach a fictitious place and time when no one is left to question the dizziness of it all.