Friday, November 28, 2008

Raiders of Bombay

As many people are trying to put a name on the terrorist who attacked in Mumbai, in many communities there seems little confusion. India had been subjected to Islamic raids prior to India's conquest in the 12th Century by Islam. In 1947 East and West Pakistan were formed out of India. Moslims predominate Pakistan (13% Hindu) and Hindus in India (13% Moslim) as it is now. East Pakistan is now Bangladesh, West Pakistan is now Pakistan. The raids continue as established in the Koran by Mohammad. Call it what you will, call it separatists, call it Al Qaeda, call it a "previously unknown group", it’s a continuation of Islam’s often and historically thwarted attempt at dominance.

Inspired by the false words of Mohammad, Aurangzeb, who called himself Alamgir I (Conqueror of the Universe) was perhaps one the greatest Islamic villains in India's history. He savaged India for 48 years. He imposed Sharia law within India, initiated laws which interfered with non-Muslim worship, taxed non-Muslims for protection, destroyed temples and works of art and forbade rebuilding of those temples and waged a continuous war of misery. On his death bed, according to Stanley Wolpert who wrote A New History of India,ISBN-10: 0195337565 2003 Edition, the aged thug confessed while dying in 1707 "I came alone and I go as a stranger. I do not know who I am, nor what I have been doing, I have sinned terribly, and I do not know what punishment awaits me." He died acknowledging Mohammad's lies.

As always Dr. Bill Warner has a clear commentary titled "Never Again, or Again and Again"

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dr. Bill Warner Explains "House Negro" Insult

Earlier this week, Al-Qaida's Ayman al-Zawahri's insult of our President elect was reported throughout the media. I first heard it on CNN from the anchor/reporter John Roberts . But what struck me was CNN's confusion and admitted perplexion as to why Al-Qaida would take such action. Here is Dr. Bill Warner's simple expanation.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Questioning Islam is not Anti-Muslim Hatred

Since not much time has passed since the hijackers came to the USA, pretending to be students, pretending to be peaceful, seekers of prosperity, when in fact they came to destroy and kill people in the name of Allah and Islam, how can someone not understand how many Americans will always feel betrayed and distrustful?

One caller on a PBS radio show tonight made a good point about Pat Robertson’s candidacy, voters wanted to know his religious views and how they would effect his presidency, the media was relentless. I remember similar questions about Kennedy’s Catholicism, Nixon’s Quaker upbringing, Jim Carter, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Romney, Obama. Questioning candidates’ religious beliefs (or lack there of) is traditional and perhaps a duty. Since Islam is in most of the world where it is practiced, a religious, social and political system and not just a religion, it is legitimate to question and criticize its traditions, history and teachings. This is often misinterpreted as being anti-muslim hatred, it is not.

I don't personally know a single person who has said they hate Muslims and I would not have anything to do with a person who practices this. I know many, many people who question the teachings of Islam, who criticize the traditions and biases practiced in predominately Islamic countries, who critically analyze the teachings of the Koran and Muhammad, who may show the ugly side of historical Islam. It is analysis and questioning, but it is not anti-muslim hatred. Hatred against a person is simply wrong.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The "Good America" was in the Room

Daoud Hiri, an African now living in Maryland, was a translator in Darfur, Sudan. In his book he describes his trial in Sudan together with a network correspondent who was accused of spying. When he saw the faces and expressions of the US military officers sitting in the back of the court, he said he felt a sense of relief knowing that justice was at least now POSSIBLE knowing that the "good America" had entered the room.

The "good America" is our ideals that we try to practice, fight to maintain, teach our kids. A small group of thoughtful, committed people created America and I DO NOT DOUBT the influence a small, thoughtful, committed group can have now in its preservation.

Earlier this year in South America on a coastal road in a residential area, my friend and I were stopped by a military squad. These soldiers were muscular, fierce looking, heavily armed with automatic weapons and angrily searching for a fleeing murderer. My friend from this South American country was trembling. Nine years earlier we had been together in a major South American city with personal business at the American consulate. I should have gained understanding of what that trembling was about from that time. As we were leaving the consulate at noon, the commotion began, gun shots, something was going on but in the crowd and confusion, who could tell. That night it was the major news story. An off duty security guard was approached by the military police outside a bank across from the consulate. He pulled out a pistol and shooting began in the crowded noon hour streets. The guard had been acting suspicious and apparently was planning to rob this bank. He hijacked of all things a car being driven by a public defender, upon crashing American consulate guards subdued him. My friend was a native and knew how the military would ignore innocent civilians in their pursuits. So here we were being searched by angry looking commando types and my friend can hardly function. Several months earlier back in the United States, late one evening, looked out the window and she saw local police running through the side of my yard. She turned to me, her face flushed of color, she collapsed over backwards. The sound of her body and head contacting the ceramic floor shocked me and I wasn't sure if she was unconscious from fainting or from the fall. I called an ambulance 9-1-1 and since the police were obviously in the area, they were at my door within 30 seconds. The initial event was a situation that many of us, living in the Daoud Hari's good America would not have given much thought to. The officers explained they were chasing some kid who stole a motor cycle. He had abandoned it and was running through the neighborhood, the police just happened to tackle him outside my window and my foreign friend just happened to be looking out of the window at the time. So here we are back to the squad of military commandos. I'm in a foreign country and reading the situation like I'm back in the good America because good America is within me, it is part of me, its my history, and having been raised poor, I've been given the opportunity to raise myself from those beginnings. It really is not that difficult to accomplish in America as much as I'd like to credit this to my own efforts. So at the checkpoint, my friend knows we are not in good America but in her country and she knows when you are stopped by the police or police come into your home or the military start shooting at a criminal, the results could just as well be deadly.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Anti-Constitutional Forces Instruct the US Treasury

Yesterday the Treasury Department sponsored an introductory class for various government workers called Islamic Financing 101, (Seen by many as the introduction of Shariah Law to America and a first step toward replacing the US Constitution with Shariah Law). According to a news conference yesterday held by the Coalition to Stop Shariah, the class was taught by those interested in promoting Shariah financing without explaining to these government workers the undesirable aspects, content and insidiousness of Shariah law and its unfair and unequal treatment of various groups of people.

Shariah Law establishes an all encompassing governmental system that controls all aspects of a person's life, establishes permanent leadership and control to only people who hold to Islamic beliefs and removes any other constitutional protection from those who do not. It also establishes corporal punishments such as stoning, cutting off of limbs for crimes of theft and capital punishment for any members who change their personal belief systems.

More details of this conference can be found here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From a Free and Democratic Europe

A group who claim to be living in Europe has drafted a Mandatory 190 Articles of Islamic Supremacy which they wishfully promote as a replacement to all forms and systems of government, all forms of self-determination, at every level, including the total domination of every individual on earth. They exclusively base these 190 articles on the words and traditions of a well known 7th century caravan raider believed by many non-supporters of these Supremacist Articles, to have been afflicted with many grievous mental and physical disorders. It is not my place to help these fascist lunatics spread their 'idea' but understand that many intelligent and misguided supporters are doing their utmost best to change your form of government and eliminate your God-Given rights and personal freedom. As the underlying political movement of Islam is continuously analyzed by a growing number of non-supporters, awareness of the totalitarian tendencies of the movement's long deceased sole founder and hence his followers is established in our collective consciousness. This group has broken with Islamic tradition and commands of the 7th century records they call the Koran, and claim the Mandatory Articles will only be established by non-violence.

Historical records show what has happened to each and every world supremest movement over time. Where else but in Europe can a group of free misguided malcontents plan the demise of the very system that supports their every need and security? Not only do they owe their lives to those traditions and institutions, this peculiar group has the luxury of comfort and time to cobble together and promote an inferior system.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Your Turn

It is not a habit of mine, but perhaps I should re-evaluate that behaviour, of recommending books to people. But I have read Islam's version(s) of just who Christ is, a failed muslim prophet at best. To us Christians, he is the Son of God, sent as our saviour. As a child I thought about that saying over and over, that Christ died for our sins and it made no sense to me whatever. I would think of this man dying from crucifixion and think of that saying, nope, nothing there. But as I crossed the threshold into adulthood, I then understood my condition and my non-relationship with God, at that point I understood.

But I believe others can express this better than I can. Christians are encourage to examine their faith. But Lee Strobel was the Legal Editor of the Chicago Tribune, not a biased Christian when he decide to take on the role of a prosecutor and as an atheist, began an effort to compiling a case against Christ. He ended up naming his book, A Case for Christ.

I encourage Muslims, atheists, Christians and others to read it but if you do not have time, here is a website that outlines what he had discovered and why he ended up with a totally unexpected conclusion.

I realise a Muslim is not allowed to examine their faith, for those that believe in God, not the god called Allah who is at best a combination of things called God within the range of Muhammad's knowledge and Muhammad's conscious and unconscious imagination , it is evidence of the Islam's weakness and perhaps the most prominent reason for its inevitable demise.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Simple Message to Students, America's Most Important Generation

Be aware of the of powers that be and what you are being taught by them at colleges and universities. Temporarily we have the wealth we had traded for middle eastern oil returning to us from Saudi Arabia and other countries. Be aware of the influences the Saudis have bought or are trying to buy in academia and government. Question and compare the type of Islam you are being taught with the actual practiced Islam presently and historically in countries such as Saudi Arabia. Understand how Islam changes over time in its host countries/cultures. But don't accept their answers and don't expect to be taught those differences by the same power and influence that wishes you to believe there is no difference. Look to ex-Muslims, Anti-Jihadists, persecuted religions, independent historical scholars and your own faith, traditions and beliefs for guidance. Historically, it may well be that your generation will be the first to fight for freedom and survival against a foreign power with an alien ideology in our own land. It may well be that your generation is the most important generation in American history.