Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rejection of Ishmael

Excerpt from Bill Warner's blog Political Islam:

If you are a student of Islam, then you might have gathered that Islam has a doctrine of eternal hatred of Kafirs and their civilization. A student of Islam might also gather that after a 1400 year history of hostilities, murder, rape and enslavement that Islam was at war with us. But, the White House, the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, FBI and CIA have informed us that this is not the case. Read this Short Article

The Bible teaches this conflict began before the world existed, that it first appeared in the world in the Garden Eden. It was then recorded after an offering was rejected by Adam's son Cain and when Abram, before the Almighty added the letter "hei" to his name (Abraham).  It was told by the Almighty that the blessing would pass to Isaac not Ishmael. The hatred  then passed to Ishmael and has perpetuated.  This was then passed on through Mohammed's rejection, being rejected by the Jews when Mohammed attempted to destroy the work of God's Son Jesus/Yeshua.  The sons of Jacob rejected Mohammed's prophet hood confirming the Almighty's rejection of Ishmael. 

So we are in our own time.  In the new Westernized version of Islam, Islamic doctrines, translations and histories are being changed, denied and whitewashed. In particular in the newer translation of the Quran by reformists the obvious noxious verses are being re-translated to show that Islam is non-violent and ...rational. But the vicious anti-Christian doctrines remain.  So that has also come full circle to it's true purpose.  Both the attempt to destroy the Messiah's Kingdom and the plan and desire to destroy the children of Jacob have  been historically and spiritually joined into the same effort called Islam.  The attempts to silence those who understand, expose and fight this plan at times appear certain. Those efforts are futile as Islam along with any other devised system are destined for annihilation.

It is an awesome privilege to see the beginning of the Church being restored to the knowledge of her Hebrew trunk and roots.  While at the same time seeing the children of Israel grow in the acceptance of their Jewish Messiah and this also has only begun; what is to follow soon can hardly be described.  Knowing that the joining of what seems two movements into one body cannot be stopped by force, power, event, circumstance or movement's themselves, as it will be preformed by the Almighty. 

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