Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Golgotha Goliath

In the Webster's Dictionary these two words are only separated by one word and their connection is much greater.  After David killed Goliath, 1 Samuel 17:54 says he brought the head to Jerusalem.  Nothing more is said of this but it is retold in tradition that he buried the head outside the gates of the city. It is not much of a leap (in conjecture) from there to Golgotha, the place of skull, where the Lamb that God provided was executed.

Isaac Mozeson also connects the English word skull to Golgotha and to the Edenic word Googolet. There seems little doubt that the place of the skull was thus named for the head that was buried there rather than a geological feature of the hill.  It is not hard to imagine that the Messiah was staked and executed right above the buried skull of Goliath as explained here by Parry Stone, 3 Part Video.  After all Genesis 3:15 says in part,  "He shall bruise your head.  And you shall bruise His heel."

Exciting to think about.  With Genesis 3:15 fulfilled and sacrifice completed, we are passed from Judgement and we move on to the restoration of all things and the new Jerusalem.

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