Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Kafir Holocaust

Nowhere in recorded history is found a more massive, continuous or prolonged pogrom of persecution and murder than the Kafir Holocaust. Yet few speak of it. The Jewish Holocaust of War World 2 arguably was the worst  in proportion to the Jewish population in Europe at that time and this article does not in any way wish  to denigrate that horrible event. But in sheer numbers, the Kafir Holocaust is much larger, covers a larger geographical area and many more ethnic and religious groups. Many are not aware and those that are do not contemplate the numbers or do not connect the individual incidents or relate those incidents to the same massive event. It seems a day does not exist where more victims are not added to the total body count of ruined and prematurely ended lives. A half a dozen one day, dozens the next, hundreds another day, odd numbers another day from multiple regions and countries, sometimes the numbers reach in the thousands. One researcher has estimated the Kafir Holocaust has thus far taken 270 million innocent lives. This may be an underestimate and as well, the numbers are growing.  Not seen as innocents by their slayers, there is no remorse, no repentance, rehabilitation or reform. Only the continued slaughter. The Kafir victims for 1400 years have had little in common with each other. They are from any country in the world, any race and society. They are related in only two ways. All are human beings and all are called by their slayers as the Kafir.

The Islamic perpetuated 'Kafir Holocaust' continues, today it just happened to be China, the victims keep adding up and many people stay in denial and the press year after year, incident after incident go about scratching their heads looking for a reason and simply cannot piece it all together why all these innocent Kafir are being killed.

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