Saturday, January 28, 2012

The 7th Pillar of Islam: A 4th Stage Anti-Jihadist View

In Uthman's  (the third Caliph of early Islam) scrambled version of the Koran, the official version and the bookstore versions,  instead of organizing the chapters in chronicle order he arranged them by length.  This has always and always will confuse anyone so the order should and has been discarded by many and hence readers no longer need experts, Muslim or not, to interpret the Koran.  The new version of the Koran was complied by Bill Warner's professional staff and the abridged version further eliminated the repetitions making the book readable, understandable  and slim.  They successfully aligned the trilogy of Islamic writings, the Koran, Biographies and the Sayings, something that many individuals and groups have learned independently through study and contact with jihadists.  Thanks to this abridged version, this struggle of study is no longer  necessary. 

The scholarship before and after this understandable Koran was published lead to the realization that the 6th pillar of Islam is jihad and by volume of the words in the trilogy, jihad being understood as violent jihad.

The 7th Pillar of Islam is hatred and most obviously the  hatred against the Jew.  The 7th pillar is imposed on the 'faithful' as much as the first 6th and perhaps practiced more.  The 7th Pillar is also the bond between the left and Islam.  This coalition cannot be understood outside the 7th Pillar.

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